Victron NMEA 2000 Drop Cable
Victron Energy Victron
  • Victron NMEA 2000 Drop Cable

Victron NMEA 2000 Interfaces

The NMEA 2000 drop cable translates information from Victron devices to the format expected by the NMEA 2000/Canbus network. Available in 2 different protocols depending on the device you wish to monitor on NMEA 2000 network device.

The BMV interface pipes the BMV battery monitor information into NMEA 2000 network allowing it to display on Multi Function Display units from other manufacturers (Unit must accept NMEA 2000 data). The VE.Bus interface pipes information from VE.Bus components (Multi Plus, Quattro) into NMEA 2000 network also. Furthermore, actions can be taken based on the values reported and/or alarm / relay states by NMEA 2000 devices capable of doing so.

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BMV Data Link Features

  • Interface BMV Battery Monitor to NMEA 2000 network
  • Includes NMEA 2000 drop cable


Interfaces to connect Victron products to NMEA2000  Item 
VE.Bus to NMEA2000 interface  VIC-ASS030520100 
VE.Direct to NMEA2000 interface  VIC-ASS030520300 
VE.Can to NMEA2000 Micro-C male  VIC-ASS030520200 
BMV-60xS to CANbus/NMEA2000 interface  VIC-ASS030520000 
BRAND: Victron Energy
Type: Network Cables and Connectors
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