Poly-America Shrink Wrap 7 Mil Mid-Weight Rolls
  • Poly-America Shrink Wrap 7 Mil Mid-Weight Rolls

Poly-America Shrink Wrap 7 Mil Mid-Weight Rolls

Shrink Wrap is a polyethlylene material used by boat builders, dealers and owners who need to protect boats during transport and storage. Shrink Wrapping is an economical and reliable method for storing and protecting boats, recreational vehicles, outdoor furniture and equipment from dirt, dust, rain, snow and other destructive elements.

Poly-America - Shrink Wrap may be completely recycled. When it is time to dispose of used shrink wrap simplify the job by using the Seafarer Shrink Wrap Recycle Bag Kit.

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  • For repairing holes in the shrink wrap, and attaching doors and securing accessories (vents, etc.) to the shrink wrap use Seafarer Shrink Wrap Tape
  • *Do Not apply Shrink Wrap Tape directly to the boat's hull or other areas where tape may leave a residue
  • To tape shrink wrap directly to the hull, use Seafarer White Hull Preservation Tape


Item prefix  Box Dimensions (approx)  Weight (approx) 
PAI-SF0714  10" x 10" x 49"  100 lb 
PAI-SF0716  11" x 11" x 53"  108 lb 
PAI-SF0717  10" x 10" x 54"  100 lb 
PAI-SF0720  10" x 10" x 64"  108 lb 
PAI-SF0724  11" x 11" x 53"  97 lb 
PAI-SF0728  9" x 9" x 49"  108 lb 
PAI-SF0732  10" x 10" x 64"  108 lb 
PAI-SF0740  11" x 11" x 65"  135 lb 
BRAND: Poly-America
Type: Shrink Film
4.3 3

Great Product, Nice to work with


I will be shrink wrapping a boat for the winter


Canal Winchester, Ohio


Great information ....except


Perfect videos with one exception....I thought we would see a great explosion when you shrink wrapped over the propane tank ON THE FORKLIFT....Not a safe practice, [...]

Captn' V

Annapolis, MD


Easy to work with and seals tight


The Poly boat wrap does a super job. It really is easy to work with and conforms well. The key is to use the correct heat tool.


Newton, MA


Poly-America Shrink Wrap 7 Mil Mid-Weight Rolls



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