ePaint EP2000 Antifouling Racing Marine Boat Bottom Paint
ePaint ePaint
  • ePaint EP2000 Antifouling Racing Marine Boat Bottom Paint

ePaint EP-2000 Antifouling Racing Bottom Paint

ePaint EP-2000 is a smooth finish, hard antifouling bottom paint, intended for racing sailboats and fast moving vessels. This coating is environmental friendly and is suitable for all hull types. It's designed as a hard bottom paint for fast moving vessels that normally operate over 30 knots, or for racing sailboats that are looking for a hard smooth bottom paint that can be burnished.

E Paint employs a novel mechanism to control the attachment of fouling organisms. When immersed in oxygenated water, E Paint photochemically generates minute levels of peroxides, making the surface inhospitable to the settling larvae of fouling organisms. Peroxides have been demonstrated to be effective antifouling agents. The peroxides do not persist in the environment because they quickly decompose back into oxygen and water by natural ions dissolved in the water.

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  • Coating Type - Water-based Antifouling
  • Thinner - Thinning is not recommended, clean up with water
  • Weight Per Volume - 13.6 lbs/gallon
  • Solids by Weight - 64 percent
  • Solids by Volume - 44 percent
  • Dry to Recoat - 8 hours at 70 deg F (21 deg C) at 50 percent RH
  • Dry to Launch - 24 hours at 70 deg F (21 deg C) at 50 percent RH
  • Recommended Film Thickness Per Coat - 6-8 wet mils to obtain 3-4 dry mils
  • Recommended Number of Coats - 3 coats w/ additional coat along water line
  • Theoretical Spreading Rate - 740 square ft/gal at 1 mil DFT; 240 square ft/gal at 6-8 wet mils
  • VOC Compliant
  • Copper and tin free
  • Compatible with aluminum and other metals in the marine environment


EP-2000 is a high performance, hard, water-based antifouling paint that is recommended for use on all substrates exposed to marine biofouling. EP-2000 is not compatible with other existing antifouling coatings. All previous antifouling paints must be removed before applying EP-2000. To protect fiberglass from water migration and gel-coat blistering, prime using EP Prime 2000. Metal surfaces must be primed with EP Prime 1000 prior to application of EP-2000. EP-2000 may be applied by spray, roller or brush.

EP-2000 uses an active biocide Zinc Omadine. Which is formulated with the patented E Paint approach to controlling biofouling that includes a booster biocide Zinc Omadine, offering an ecofriendley alternative to traditional antifouling coatings. EP2000 is recommended for use on racing sailboats, fast moving vessels and trailored vessels.

BRAND: ePaint
Number Of Parts: One Part
Type: Racing Bottom Paint
3.6 5

The perfect plastic propeller paint


I've used this on my prop for ten years. Comes out clean at the end of the season every time

Danny O'day

Plymouth, MA

Works really well in Eastern Maine


I have used the white for 8 years. I have the cleanest boat of any hauled in the fall. Never any hard growth. Only a little bit of brown slime where "the sun don't shine". (Read the product info- it is photo-reactive and that was the guy's problem with the center board trunk, above.)


SW Harbor, ME


Good paint, requires strict adherance to instructions


I've been using it on my racing sailboat bottom for many years. It's a nice hard finish. The boat is moored in a calm harbor and needs cleaning once or twice a season to get some scum off. If I let it go the whole 4 months with no cleaning I get some weed and a few barnacles, but they clean off easily due to the ablative nature of the paint. My first try with this paint I did not carefully follow instructions and had adhesion problems, but not since then


cape cod


A total waste of time, effort and money!


In an effort to be environmentally friendly, I read reviews about this product which were favorable. So, I painted the keel slot on a sailboat and the bottom of a powerboat about a year ago. Sailboat has been in the water during this time the powerboat has not. Upon removing the sailboat from the water for inspection we found the keel slot totally encrusted with barnacles that the swing keel would only drop after breaking the barnacles first. Getting ready to put the power boat in the water we opened a new can paint to put a final coat of paint on the bottom. It was an extra can ordered at the same time as the original paint on the bottom of the powerboat. It was about a year old but unopened. We attempted to stir and remix the paint after opening but the paint has completely seperated. We attempted to recombine the paint but after two hours and stiring by hand AND an electric hand mixer, olny a small part of the solids would remix. After straining the large clumps of solids that would not remix AND cleaning up the mess made in our attempt to remix it we put a thin watery coat on part of the bottom. WHAT A MISTAKE! The paint caused the just repainted area to flake in large flakes. We will have to resand this area and repaint it. Don't waste you time with this product. It is more trouble than it is worth and it does not work as advertised.


Ft.. Lauderdale,Florida




The application is very easy with a foam brush, does not run easily. Overload a vertical area it will run. I can see myself putting on a new coat each year as recommended. Now to see how it works as an antifouling bit works.


Lansing, MI


ePaint EP-2000 Antifouling Racing Bottom Paint



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