Festool StickFix RO 90 3-1/2 inch Sanding Pads
Festool Festool
  • Festool StickFix RO 90 3-1/2 inch Sanding Pads

Festool 3-1/2 inch StickFix RO 90 Sanding Pads

StickFix hook and loop sanding pads designed for the Festool RO 90 Rotex FEQ random orbit sander. Available in polishing, hard sanding, and soft sanding compounds.

These 3.5 inch diameter pads feature Festool's new Multi-Jetstream design that incorporates a modified 7-hole pattern. This means greater airflow for better dust extraction efficiency. An enhanced, heat-resistant StickFix design extends both pad and abrasive life considerably. New generation RO 90 sander pads are 100% compatible with previous model abrasives and vice-versa.

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Item Number  Description  Comments  Color 
FES-496804  3.5" StickFix Sanding Pad - soft   High-temp resistant for heavy-duty appications. (9) hole/soft, 1 per pack (original pad included with the RO 90 DX)  Black 
FES-495623  3.5" StickFix Sanding Pad - hard  High edge strength, for flat surfaces and narrow edges. (9) hole/hard, 1 per pack.  Blue 
FES-495625  3.5" StickFix Polishing Pad  Thinner and harder than sanding pads, smaller diameter to support polishing media: felts, sponges and sheepskin (9) hole   Green 
Attachment Type: Velcro
BRAND: Festool
Hole Pattern: 9 Hole
Type: Pads
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