Trac Ecological Barnacle Buster Ready to Use Gallon
Trac Ecological Trac Ecological
  • Trac Ecological Barnacle Buster Ready to Use Gallon
  • Trac Ecological Barnacle Buster Concentrate Quart
  • Trac Ecological Barnacle Buster Concentrate Gallon

Trac Ecological Barnacle Buster

Barnacle Buster is a safe, non-toxic and biodegradable marine growth remover specifically formulated for cleaning seawater cooled equipment. With minimal dismantling required, Barnacle Buster can be safely re-circulated through seawater cooling systems, dissolving barnacles, zebra mussels, calcium, rust, lime & all other mineral deposits. Most applications can be completed within 4 hours.

Choose from a Regular Strength ready-to-use solution in Gallon size, or a Concentrated solution in Quart and Gallon sizes.

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  • Remove scale buildup, not metal
  • Safe on all types of sea water cooled systems commonly found on vessels today
  • Safely dispose down the drain


Item Number  Description  Size 
TRE-1208MC  Regular Strength  Gallon 
TRE-1206MQ  Concentrate  Quart 
TRE-1206MC  Concentrate  Gallon 
BRAND: Trac Ecological
Type: Engine Flush
4.5 2

It does work on even clogged tubes/runs/parts/ ect.


I had a generator heat exchanger that had some really bad scaling, 50% clogged and most the other tubes were still pretty bad. I was just going to buy a new one when I saw this stuff and thought it was worth the risk/cost, given what even a small heat exchanger costs. I soak it and it starting foaming Immediately, I had to move everything to a deeper bucket, one lessoned learned, now shared. Still leery I pulled it for a checked after about an hour and was like "holly %^&", couldn't believe it, the partially clogged tubed were spotless, it was working its way through the full clogged tubes. After about two hours it looked like a new heat exchanger, I was dumb founded. Also can't believe how much more water is coming out of the exhaust, worried it may never get hot enough now! LOL As a result I recently built a bucket flush system for the big mains. Although I am not pulling these heat exchangers out I did pull the hoses and shine a flash light in there, and they look a lot cleaner than before. Gave it 4 because it is pricey, to flush any big motor you do need gallons, but is a lot safer then muriatic acid.


Oxnard, Ca


I will use this product again


I purchased the concentrate and it was easy to mix and use. Just remember to flush out your pump with plenty of fresh water after use. I ran the engine afterwards, so it flushed itself, but I left it in the pump and the plastic vane impeller disintegrated.




Trac Ecological Barnacle Buster



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