Kong ISAF Approved Safety Harness Tethers - Single Tether
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  • Kong ISAF Approved Safety Harness Tethers - Single Tether
  • Kong ISAF Approved Safety Harness Tethers - Double Tether

Kong ISAF Safety Harness Tethers

Kong Elastic Safety Harness Tethers connect you and your harness to a jackline or a secure anchor point to prevent man-overboard situations. These ORC approved tethers are used extensively in offshore racing and cruising and by sailors the world over.

Unlike most tethers on the market, the Kong Safety Harness uses a double action Kong Tango carabiner that only opens when squeezed between one hand. Double action completely eliminates the possibility of accidental opening.

Kong Sports has incorporated their mountain climbing gear technology into these harnesses to ensure they perform under all conditions at sea. Over-stress indicators are sewn into the harness end, which meets ISAF Special Regulations for Offshore Sailing.

Both tethers extend to 6.6 ft. and retract to 3.3 ft.

Temporarily, the carabiners may be red or blue.

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Tech Spec Product Info User Generated Content
Safety Tether Model  Number of Attachment Points  ISAF RRS & ORC approved 
ASP-284SETE  Single Retractable Tether   Yes 
ASP-283SETE  Double Retractable Tether   Yes 
Type: Safety Harness
4.8 36

Love it!


The high quality aluminum lightweight carabiner is amazing and very easy to open one-handed. The solid 316 SS snap shackle on the harness end will release under load. This is the ultimate safety tether and I couldn't be happier with this crucial piece of offshore sailing gear.

CMDR Marmot

Taipei, Taiwan


Nicely made harness


For offshore sailing.


New Jersey


Great price on exactly what I was looking for, shipped quick


Great price on exactly what I was looking for, shipped quick



A quality product at a price that can't be beat!


Very well made. The elastic keeps the teather from under foot making it safer to move about on deck when clipped on to a Jack Line. while the caribiner is double latch it is easily opened with one hand.

Capt. Ron

Courpus Christi, TX.


Great tether!


This is a great tether at very good price. I highly recommend it. Make sure to get the double.

S/V Agandau

Tortola, BVI


Your best friend in a storm!


I bought this for off-shore and near-shore sailing, and got rewarded by having it when we sailed a C&C 35 in 40 knots of wind.I got the double-legged version and wouldn't have it any other way. Both are elasticised.It works great, the large carabiners are double-action, so they can't unclip accidentally. They clip on in a natural motion, with no fumbling. They also clip over the 1" pipe of the binnacle with no hesitation.The only small additional feature I'd ask for is someplace to clip the carabiners when not in use, but I just added a loop of small line for that.I shopped all around and found no better price.


Salem, CT


Almost perfect


Great product w proper load release. Only thing is you'll need to add a small loop to clip the unused 2nd tether too. It shouldn't be clipped to your harness. Simple fix. Otherwise, couldn't be happier. Design and quality for the price can't be beat.


Honolulu. Hawaii


Great safety harness and even better customer support


I originally ordered a single tether by mistake. By the time I realized it, the order was almost on its way. The operator got a manager to help switch the order to the double tether I wanted. The extra help was really appreciated and speaks highly to the integrity of this company.


Gaithersburg MD


great price for a good product


a tether with shock absorption but hope I never test it!




Just right


6 out 8 sailors on our boat used it in 107th Mackinac race. 3 days and nights and it felt right.


Chicago, IL

Kong ISAF Safety Harness Tethers



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