ePaint SN-1 Antifouling Paint for commercial vessels, coast guard, and navy boats
ePaint ePaint
  • ePaint SN-1 Antifouling Paint for commercial vessels, coast guard, and navy boats

ePaint SN-1 Antifouling Paint

Designed for commercial vessels E Paint is an environmental friendly antifouling paint. Performance is not effected by hauling and relaunching boats.

E Paint employs a novel mechanism to control the attachment of fouling organisms. When immersed in oxygenated water, E Paint photochemically generates minute levels of peroxides, this makes the surface inhospitable to the settling larvae of fouling organisms. Peroxides have been demonstrated to be effective antifouling agents, they do not persist in the environment because they quickly decompose back into oxygen and water by natural ions dissolved in the water.

The lack of copper also ensures that E Paints are compatible with aluminum and other metals in the marine environment. This is not the case with copper-based paints that promote galvanic corrosion with metal boats.
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Contains no copper or tin - ensuring the E Paints are compatible with aluminum and other metals in the marine environment

ePaint SN-1 is compatible with many existing bottom systems. Do not apply ePaint SN-1 over soft ablative coatings or unprimed metal. Sand previous paint with 80 grit paper, clean off dust, and apply SN-1. You must completely remove old release coatings like Veridian and Intersleek before applying SN-1.

SN-1 is for use on commercial and government vessels only. It is used on Coast Guard Utility Boats and Motorized Life Boats, and by the Navy for their Small Boats. SN-1 is formulated with the booster biocide Sea Nine 211 for excellent antifouling control.


  • Coating Type - Copper and Tin-free Self-Polishing Copolymer - solvent based antifouling coating
  • Thinner - Not recommended, clean up with EP13
  • Flash Point - 82 deg F (28 deg C) setaflash
  • Density - 14.5 lbs/gallon
  • Solids by Weight - 75 percent
  • Solids by Volume - 56 percent
  • Dry to Recoat - minimum 4 hours at 70 deg F, maximum not critical
  • Dry to Launch - minimum 16 hours at 70 deg F (21 deg C), maximum not critical
  • Recommended Film Thickness Per Coat - 5-7 wet mils to obtain 3-4 dry mils
  • Theoretical Spreading Rate - 1010 square ft/gallon at 1 mil DFT, 300 square ft/gallon at 5-7 wet mils
  • Recommended Number of Coats - 3 coat w/ additional coat at the water line
  • Application - brush, spray, or roller
  • VOC - 3.3 lbs/gallon


BRAND: ePaint
Number Of Parts: One Part
Type: Copper Free AF Paint
4.3 3



I have worked in , on and around boats of all kinds for 40 years .A couple of years ago I had the chance to try epaints anti-fouling.I live in Canada , they don't sell it up here so getting is a bit of a pain but well worth it.This is BY FAR the best anti-fouling paint on the market bar none!I have never had any paint stand up as well . We use it on glass , aluminium, and steel hulls.It really doesn't get any better.


Victoria B.C. Canada




The option of a white bottom color makes it possible to paint well above the projected waterline in a boat that will hit the water for the first time in four weeks.




Could be better


It is now August in the heavy fouling harbor of Greenwich Cove, CT where we have tested EPaint on our full keel sloop and the Hard Growth of Barnacles are rampant on EPaint starting 7 inches below the water line where the sun is not strong enough to actuate the paint's chemistry. EPaint works very well and as advertised in the sunlit zone. Also, the barnacles easily scrape off as this is an ablative paint.


Greenwich Cove, CT

ePaint SN-1 Antifouling Paint



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