Moeller Fuel Tank Withdrawal Assemblies
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  • Moeller Fuel Tank Withdrawal Assemblies

Moeller Fuel Tank Withdrawal Assemblies

Moeller Fuel Tank Withdrawal Assemblies are designed for fuel tanks conforming to the strict EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and California Air Resources Board (CARB) spill-control and fuel permeation regulations.
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Moeller Item No.  Application 
MOE-3100210  3, 6 & 9 gallon Low Profile Tanks 
MOE-3100310  12 gallon Low Profile Tanks 
MOE-62100210  3 & 6 gallon Ultra Portable Tanks 
MOE-3100510  12 gallon High Profile Tanks 
MOE-62100710  12 gallon Ultra Portable Tanks 

EPA/CARB Compliant

Moeller's 2011 line of EPA/CARB compliant portable fuel tanks are manufactured from high-density polyethylene with ultraviolet inhibitors. Advanced manufacturing techniques provide the highest quality product components available and meet the new "low permeation" standards put in place by the EPA/CARB regulations effective 1/1/2011. All our portable tanks 12 gallon and under meet current United States Coast Guard, and ABYC Standards.

BRAND: Moeller
Type: Fuel Tanks
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Not pleased with the quality.


I bought this product two years ago and it leaked from the start. My bad. I should have returned it then. But, I thought it would be easy to fix. As it turns out the relief valve on the cap stopped functioning, and the withdrawl tube assembly continued to leak and not hold pressure in the tank, making the engine hard to start after running. I took it apart and it appears that the gasket is too small to make a proper seal. Then I slightly overtightened it, and it cracked. Needless to say I am not pleased with the quality of this EPA approved product.




no good


it did not fit


clevelanf tx


Moeller Fuel Tank Withdrawal Assemblies



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