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Ganz Solar Panel Charge Controller

Ganz Solar Panel Charge Controllers convert solar energy to charge 12V PWM batteries. They work with both Ganz as well as other solar panels. Two models are available: a 4.5A controller for use with one 12V battery, and a 10A Dual Charge Controller for 12/24V charging of two independent battery banks through a single solar panel array.

The Single Charge Controller is fully encapsulated and outdoor rated, making it the smallest and most advanced charge controller on the market. It comes with a 5 year warranty.

The Dual Charge Controller is fully automatic and switches between batteries based on their state of charge. It features overcharging, reverse polarity, and short circuit protection. Compatible with lead-acid, AGM, or gel batteries. Battery priority selection can also be set. 2 year warranty.

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Product Specifications
Features:  GCC-45A  GCC-D10A 
Maximum charging current:  4.5 Amp  10 Amp 
Maximum solar cell power:  70W  120W 
Input voltage:  16.5-22Vdc  16.5-22Vdc 
LCD display of voltage and current  No  Yes 
Gel or Flooded selective Switch  Yes  Yes 
Temperature protection  No  Yes 
LED display of charging and floating  Yes  Yes 
Overload current protection  Yes  No 
LED display of power, charging float,
battery reverse and protection
No  Yes 
BRAND: Ganz Eco-Energy
Type: Solar Power
2.0 1

Great until it stopped


I installed it with a 6w solar panel on my boat. Installation was easy. I placed it below deck in a cool, dry spot. It worked great for about five months, then quit. It is a sealed unit with no apparent physical damage.




Ganz Solar Panel Charge Controller



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