ePaint SN-1 HP Antifouling Paint
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  • ePaint SN-1 HP Antifouling Paint

ePaint SN-1 HP Antifouling Paint

SN-1 HP is formulated for use on high performance military vessels, commercial vessels, and aluminum workboats. This environmentally friendly bottom paint produces a hard, mar-resistant finish with low surface energy and has an added biocide booster for extra antifouling protection. Self polishing fluorinated resin system works as the boat moves through the water.

E Paint employs a mechanism to control the attachment of fouling organisms, when immersed in oxygenated water, E Paint photochemically generates minute levels of peroxides, making the surface inhospitable to the settling larvae of fouling organisms. Peroxides have been demonstrated to be effective antifouling agents and do not persist in the environment because they quickly decompose back into oxygen and water by natural ions dissolved in the water.

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  • Coating Type - Copper and Tin free matrix - with solvent based antifouling coating
  • Thinner - Not recommended, clean up with EP13
  • Flash Point - 82 deg F (28 deg C) setaflash
  • Density - 14.5 lbs/gallon
  • Solids by Weight - 75 percent
  • Solids by Volume - 56 percent
  • Dry to Recoat - minimum 4 hours at 70 deg F, maximum not critical
  • Dry to Launch - minimum 16 hours at 70 deg F (21 deg C), maximum not critical
  • Theoretical Spreading Rate - 1200 square ft/gallon at 1 mil DFT
  • Recommended Film Thickness - 5-7 wet mils to obtain 3-4 dry mils
  • Recommended Number of Coats - 4 coats w/ additional coat at the water line
  • Application - brush, spray, or roller
  • VOC - 3.3 lbs/gallon
  • Compatible with aluminum and other metals in the marine environment
  • Contain no copper or tin


ePaint SN-1 HP is compatible with most existing bottom systems. Do not apply ePaint SN-1 HP over soft ablative coatings or unprimed metal. Sand previous coatings with 80 sand paper, clean, and apply SN-1 HP to the boat Hull. If previous coating was a release coating like Veridian or Intersleek the previous coating must be completely removed before applying SN-1 HP.

SN-1 HP is recommended for high performance vessels with average operating speeds of 30+ knots.

SN-1 HP is for use on commercial and government vessels only.

5 Gallon Pails cannot ship UPS. They must ship via Common Carrier.

BRAND: ePaint
Number Of Parts: One Part
Type: Copper Free AF Paint
5.0 1

White bottom all season


My bottom stayed perfect white all season. The price is high, but it's worth it since the product actually works. Does not slow you down either.

Foumula 400SS

Chicago, IL


ePaint SN-1 HP Antifouling Paint



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