Oxallic Acid Marine Cleaner
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  • Oxallic Acid Marine Cleaner

Oxalic Acid Marine Cleaner

Oxalic Acid is a powder base acid concentrate commonly used to remove rust, algae, dirt and grime stains from boat hulls and surfaces. Simply mix with water per directions. Great for removing brown waterline stains around the bootstripe.

Oxalic acid also effectively cleans and brightens teak and mahogany wood surfaces prior to refinishing. Homeowners also use oxalic acid to remove tannin and iron stains from wood decks, particularly cedar and redwood types.

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  • Dissolve 3 tablespoons per one gallon of water
  • Apply solution with scrub brush or sprayer
  • Rinse repeatedly 3 times with clean water and allow to dry. If top coating with a water base finish, rinse with a solution of one tablespoon baking soda per one gallon of water.
  • Keep galvanized trailers wet with fresh water during application and rinse thoroughly when finished.



Oxalic acid can be applied with a scrub brush or with a pump up sprayer. Mix powder with water. Three tablespoons of cleaner makes one gallon of cleaning solution. The 12 ounce package will make four gallons of cleaning solution and cover approximately 1600 square feet of surface.

Before use, read all information on container. Protect eyes with goggles and wear rubber gloves. Protect skin from splashes. Do not breathe spray mists. Do not mix with chlorine bleach or other chemicals.

BRAND: Savogran
Type: Hull and Bottom Cleaners
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Oxalic Acid Marine Cleaner



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