Pettit EZ-Poxy 2
Pettit Z-Spar Pettit
  • Pettit EZ-Poxy 2

Pettit EZ-Poxy 2

Pettit EZ-Poxy 2 is a high-performance, economical two-part polyurethane marine paint. EZ-Poxy 2 combines the added gloss, wear resistance, and durability boaters are looking for in a two-part polyurethane with the ease of application of a single part.

This new formula reduces the effects of brush strokes, which make this product very forgiving and easy to appy. This two-part polyurethane has added UV protection to reduce fading and maximize gloss retention. Keep your boat looking shiny for years.

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BRAND: Pettit Z-Spar
Number Of Parts: Two Part
Type: Topside Paint
2.3 3

Huge waste


We usually use Perfection but customer choose this Pettit color. How bad could it be? Bad... Try as we may, we could not it to tip off and flatten out regardless of what 3 experienced boat painters did. We will never use this again


Cape Cod, MA


Easy to use


Working on port and stbd side gunwales, picked this product because of paint color "Blue Moon White". Used BioBlue to dewax; sanded and primed before covering with two finish coats (sanded between all coats). Turned out really well and saved a ton of money bying doing it myself.


North Myrtle Beach, SC


JUST SAY NO!!!!!!!!!!


I am a marine professional: I decided to try this based off the claims of the manufacturer. Big mistake. 200 hours of body work thrown down the tubes by a paint system. Roll N tip method resulted in major alligator skin. Reason: Paint kicked off to fast not allowing for flowout. Spray: Resulted in very lumpy orange peel. Same reason as above. Worked with pettit engineers to figure out a way to slow the curing process. During conversation it came up that this paint is still in its experimental phases. Eng dropped off different reducer then what was packaged with product. Da'd entire boat down. started again. same results. Sent pics to eng, he suggested cut activator down. By the third and last time, i was using 15% thinner to a quart, 1 tsp of activator. Same results, paint would kick immediately when it hit the substrate not allowing for flow. Temp was 67' with 20% humidity. This paint system has a long way to go before it should be on the market. Boat will be re sanded in winter. And redone in awlgrip.

Jim @ Sure Marine



Pettit EZ-Poxy 2



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