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Vetus Drinking Water Systems

Vetus potable water system is a complete water system in one package for plug and play installation. This self contained water system includes built-in pump, ultrasonic level transducer, strainer and inspection port. The system has a variable speed pump to maintain system pressure to ensure constant water flow along with built in stainer. All connections for filling, suction, and ventilation are included for fast easy installation.
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Tank System  Capacity Gal (L)  Dimensions L x W x H inch (mm) 
Vet DWS042  11 gal (42L)  24 (610) x 13 3/4 (350) x 15 3/4 (400) 
Vet DWS061  16 gal (61L)  30 11/16 (780) x 13 3/4 (350) x 15 3/4 (400)  
Vet DWS088  23 gal (88L)  36 5/8 (930) x 15 3/4 (400) x 15 3/4 (400) 
Vet DWS120  31 Gal (120L)  41 5/16 (1050) x 17 11/16 (450) x 15 3/4 (400) 

Water Tank System Features:

  • Variable speed pump motor
  • Built-in sensor regulates the water pressure and ensures a steady flow
  • All filling, suction and ventilation connections are come pre-installed
  • Pre-pump suction filter included
  • Ultrasonic level sensor
  • Inspection cover, for cleaning the inside of the tank
  • Dual voltage pump motor handles 12 or 24 Volt
  • Output = 13.5 l/min at zero head


BRAND: Vetus
Type: Holding Tanks and Accessories
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