Tessilmare Sphaera Rub Rail
Tessilmare Tessilmare Sphaera Rub Rail
  • Tessilmare Sphaera Rub Rail
  • Tessilmare Sphaera Rub Rail End Caps

Tessilmare Sphaera Rub Rails

Sphaera is the revolutionary line of fender profiles made of stainless steel and co-extruded with rigid and shockproof vinyl chloride. Installation is greatly simplified and quick compared to traditional rub rails.

The highly conformable rigid vinyl base allows cold shaping to the hull without heat, avoiding any bends and deformations that can occur during bending operations. Duralene cored stainless steel profile inserts conform and nest in place into the backing without trapping moisture. The results are a clean line gunwale guard sharply accented by polished stainless steel with quick and easy installation that saves time and money.

Sphaera rubrails are available in 10ft increments to any desired length. Both the PVC base and stainless steel bar inserts are sold in lengths of 10ft.

The base, bars, end caps & joint caps are SOLD SEPARATELY.

(1 cl contains 10 ft)
$22.24 / cl
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Note: Requires #10 fasteners for proper installation.

Note: May be shipped common carrier ground only depending on desired lengths.

US Patent Pending

BRAND: Tessilmare
Material: PVC
Metal: Stainless Steel
Type: Rub Rail
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Great for Updating your Boat


I have owned a 1999 Maxum 2300sr for seventeen years. The engine was replaced several years ago. The boat has been stored inside all its life. It still looks great, but the old vinyl insert rub rail that would constantly come out of its aluminum receiver channel was annoying. Most similar newer model boats have stainless steel rub rails. We decided to update our Maxum with several enhancements, this being one of them. The Tessilmare Sphaera is the solution. It looks great and will never require the endless maintenance to work it back into its receiver. If you are planning to install a kit, be aware the screw holes have already been drilled in the rail, which is good and bad. Good is obvious; the bad is if you have any existing fasteners beneath your existing rail once it has been removed (i.e. rivets/screws/bolts) holding or reinforcing your boat cap on the hull or possibly used for thru bolting a feature or accessory inside the boat, etc., the predrilled holes could pose a problem for attaching the new rail. It would be very difficult to plan around them if there's more than only a couple. If you could drill your own, you would be able to vary the spacing slightly to avoid those existing fasteners. We got lucky and missed every one of them while installing about 90 new screws. An installation suggestion is to find a double sided 3M tape (check Home Depot paint dept. for a very thin clear tape) and cut one inch pieces to place them every 12" to 18" around the boat to help hold the vinyl base while you install the rails. Install your first rail centered on the bow so you have leverage to bend it around each side. Place the next one beginning one end at the center of the stern so you have leverage to bend it around the stern corner. Place the third joining it's end on the stern with the other so you can bend it around the other corner. Then you just infill each side as necessary to meet the bow rail. I used a Dremel with a steel cutting disc to cut the rails.


Lake Martin, AL


Very quick and easy installation


very easy to bendvery lightvery strong

Joe Fiskars



Tessilmare Sphaera Rub Rails



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