Boston Whaler Colors Two-Part Polyurethane Paints
Epifanes Boston Whaler Colors Two-Part Polyurethane Paints
  • Boston Whaler Colors Two-Part Polyurethane Paints

Epifanes Boston Whaler Two-Part Polyurethane Paints

Mixed with Jamestown Distributors' custom color mixing machine, this is an accurate color match to the common Boston Whaler Blue color. This is the perfect way to finish off your classic Boston Whaler boat restoration project.

Epifanes two-part polyester saturated, aliphatic urethane coatings are formulated for maximum resin depth and hardness with a long lasting mirror like gloss. Epifanes polyurethane is designed for brush, roller or spray application. Each package includes base & reactor. Thinning with Polyurethane Thinner For Brush or Polyurethane Thinner For Spray is required for application. Design for any boat or home applications above the waterline.

Note: this is a hard durable two part paint, not intended for gelcoat matching purposes.

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Temperature should be between 50 degrees F and 85 degrees F during application with the air humidity level below 85 percent. Avoid painting in too much wind or sun. A rapid loss of solvents will occur under these conditions and will decrease the flowing ability.

Technical Specifications

  • Container Size: 750 gr. (500 gr. base + 250 gr. reactor = 750 gr. mixed) 2:1 mix by weight.
  • Gloss: Ultra high gloss
  • Density: 1.00 - 1.40 kg./liter (mixed product) (depending on color)
  • Solids Content: 50 - 55 +/- 2 vol. % (mixed product) (depending on color)
  • Drying times at 65F / 65% RH: Tack free - 3 hours / Tape free - 7 hours, Hard Dry - 8 hours / Recoatable - 24 hours
  • Recommended Film Thickness: Per coat wet - 80 micron / Per coat dry -40-45 microns.
  • Application:
    Brush - Thin 0-10 percent with Epifanes Polyurethane Brush Thinner
    Spray - Thin up to 0-10 percent with Epifanes Polyurethane Spray Thinner


BRAND: Epifanes
Number Of Parts: Two Part
Type: Topside Paint
4.2 5

Pleasant surprise


I was "cleaning up" an old 1968 17' Whaler Montauk in my summer fleet (we have seven boats) and decided to paint it inside and out. I bought some epoxy paint from West Marine but the color just wasn't right, kind of a light blue. I went online and saw Jamestown had developed the "authentic" Whaler blue. It wasn't cheap, it took two cans, but it looked sensational. The guy I had paint it had never worked with it before but he read the directions and it came our perfect.

Mike Joyce

Thousand Islands, Ontario


Excellent paint, easy to use


this stuff was great. Restoring a 58 Whaler and wanted the right color paint for the interior. I was worried about coverage when I first started, brushed the whole thing. 1 quart did the first coat with no problem. 1/2 quart was enough to recoat. With the brush thinner it lays on nice and thin, and leaves no brush marks. Use in a well ventilated area.


gloucester, ma


Did not like application of product


First 750 ml applied had blue spots with in paint. Attributed to operator error insufficient mixing. Mixed and boxed second 750 ml with same results blue spots. Third application of 750 ml came out ok with no blue spots.


Annapolis, Md.


I would buy this product. Top notch results and quality


Very much satisfied! Paint looks brand new even after 6 months. My boat looks like i painted it yesterday.


Spring hill florida


Couldn't be happier


I used this as the topcoat over the two part primer on my 1967 13' Whaler restoration project. The color is dead nuts on, and the stuff is pretty easy to work with, but do plan on having plenty of ventilation (or being light headed for a few hours). I brushed this on, and it smooths right out. 2 coats and the boat looked brand new. As with any paint job, prep is key- the second coat will cover only the finest of hairline cracks in underlying gelcoat. I would buy this again from Jamestown. This was the first time I have used Epifanes 2 part polyurethane, and I am a fan.

Compulsive Restorer

Hingham, Massachusetts


Epifanes Boston Whaler Two-Part Polyurethane Paints



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