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Marco 12/24V Electronic Oil Change System

Marco fixed mount oil change systems greatly simplify, speed up and prevent messes during routine oil changes. These compact units mount along bulkheads or catwalks to service fluids on engines, generators and transmissions.

Oil change system is controlled from one central location to both extract engine oils and lubricants then replenish by simply turning the appropriate valves. The pump adapts automatically to either 12V or 24V DC sources. Intelligent electronic control optimizes pump speed based on temperature and oil viscosity. Pump speed is optimized during the priming stage to initiate suction, then self calibrates depending on fluid viscosity.

The system automatically shuts off when the supply source runs empty. The unit also powers down after 30 minutes to prevent burnout.

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Marco Part Number  Flow Rate Gal (L)/m  Dimensions inches (mm) 
MCO-M16492415  2.6 (10)  8.5 (215)x 11 (283) x 4.5 (113) 
MCO-M16492615  3.9 (15)  14.5 (520) x 11.7 (298) x 4.9 (124) 
MCO-M16492815  3.9 (15)  20.5 (520) x 11.7 (298) x 4.9 (124) 

Marco Oil Change System Feature

  • Automatic Detection 12 or 24 VDC
  • Electronic Pump Control
  • Fitting Size: 1/2 inch NPT
  • Adjust for Viscosity and Temperature
  • Auto speed up for priming
  • Automatic Shut Off if Empty or Fault
  • Compact Robust unit is all metal: cover and base are powder coated aluminum. Manifold, valves and pump head are brass.
  • Super compact footprint compared to market competitors.

Oil Change Panel Instructions for Use:

  • When the control panel is on, the green LED lights up and the blue LEDs blink
  • To remove old oil press the "Drain" key
  • To fill with fresh oil press the "Fill" key
  • To stop the pump press either key
  • To restart the pump press the key with the desired function
  • In case of overloads, the blue and red LEDs blink and pump will run only for 60sec to avoid burnout.
  • To reset the control panel and restart the pump, press the "FILL" and "DRAIN" keys together
  • The pump always operates for 30 sec max; to restart press either key
  • When the transfer is completed and the pump is empty, the blue LED will blink and after 60 sec, the pump will stop.
  • This operation could be delayed by the difficult draining of the pump body due to high oil viscosity and/or low ambient temperature.


Type: Oil Change Pumps
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