Entropy Super Sap CLS Clear Slow Hardener
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Entropy Super Sap CLS Clear Slow Hardener

Entropy CLS clear slow hardener is used with Super Sap resins for clear laminating wood, fibers, glass, carbon, or Kelvar. Super Sap resins are used for hand lay-up, room temperature processes, or infusion laminating.

Exhibits low color, excellent air release, and UV stabilizer technology allowing crystal clear products with excellent color stability. Use with Super Sap CLR Resin for medium pot life and low exotherm lamination and coatings. Resin and hardener combined have a Bio-Content greater than 30%, and can be modified with epoxy compatible colorants and fillers.

Requires corresponding sized CLR Resin for use (2:1 ratio). See chart below.

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Entropy Resins Clear Slow Hardener

  • Long Pot Life 50 min
  • Hardner for Clear Epoxy coating
  • Room Temperature Cure
  • Can be Post Cure at 120 F
  • Easy 2 to 1 by Volume Ration with Resin
  • System Bio Content 21 - 30%
  • Slow Cure: 6 hr tack free time, 60 min pot life


Entropy Resin Hardener  Clear Slow Hardener 
Mix Ratio   2:1  
Gel Time- min   50  
Mix Viscosity (cps@77F)   2000 - 4000  
Tack Free (hrs@77F)  
Thin Film Sert (hrs@77F)  
Property   Clear Slow Hardener  
Tensile Modulus (psi)   500K 
Tensile Strength (psi)   9410 
Flexural Modulus (psi)   440K  
Flexural Strength (psi)   13534 
Elongation at Break (%)  
Tg (F)   240 
Super Sap CLR Epoxy Resin Quantity  Super Sap CLS Hardener Quantity  Mixed Quantity 
16 oz resin  8 oz hardener  24 oz 
1/2 gallon resin  1 qt hardener  3 qt 
1 gallon resin  1/2 gallon hardener  1.5 gallons 
2 gallons resin  1 gallon hardener  3 gallons 
4 gallons resin  2 gallons hardener  6 gallons 
5 gallons resin  2.5 gallons hardener  7.5 gallons 

No Compromises. Performance, Sustainability, Lower Environmental Impact.

The mission at Entropy Resins is to provide epoxy resin systems for a new generation of products. Products that not only perform, but also take a crucial step towards lowering our impact on the environment.

Entropy Resins produce epoxy systems engineered to meet or exceed the performance standards of petroleum based resin systems with a focus on environmentally sustainable production. Environmental benefits include bio-based content sources and a reduced carbon footprint. Super Sap uses a pine pulp based resin sourced from by-product of paper manufacturing processes and plant based byproduct from bio fuels processing.

BRAND: Entropy Resins
Material: Epoxy
Rate Of Cure: Slow
Type: Hardener
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