Entropy Resins Super Sap CCF Casting Resin Fast hardener
Entropy Resins Entropy Resins
  • Entropy Resins Super Sap CCF Casting Resin Fast hardener
  • Entropy resin hardener

Entropy Super Sap CCF Casting Fast Hardener

CCF Fast Hardener should be mixed with Entropy Clear Casting Resin for low build casting applications with thicknesses below 1 inch.

Super Sap Casting Resin features low color, excellent air release, and UV stabilizer technology. The result is crystal clear products with excellent color stability. These traits are highly desirable for jewelry, furniture and bar top applications.

Use Super Sap CCR Resin with this fast hardener at a 2:1 ratio for medium pot life. For larger castings greater than 1 inch thick the CCS Slow hardener is recommended instead. The clear casting resin CCR and CCF Hardener have a Bio-Content greater than 30%, and can be modified with epoxy compatible colorants and fillers.

Requires corresponding sized CCR Epoxy Resin for use (2:1 ratio). See chart below.

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Tech Spec Product Info User Generated Content
Entropy Resin Hardener  Potlife minutes (77°)  Tack Free Time (Hours 77°)  Mix Ratio 
CCR Resin/CCF Hardener  90 min  24 hr
Post Cure 120F 2 hrs  
Super Sap CCR Epoxy Resin Quantity  Super Sap CCF Hardener Quantity  Mixed Quantity 
1/2 gallon resin  1 qt hardener  3 qt 
1 gallon resin  1/2 gallon hardener  1.5 gallons 
2 gallons resin  1 gallon hardener  3 gallons 
4 gallons resin  2 gallons hardener  6 gallons 
5 gallons resin  2.5 gallons hardener  7.5 gallons 

CCF Fast Hardener mixes with CCR Casting Resin to feature:

  • Crystal Clear
  • Fast Cure
  • Room Temperature Cure-Post Cure Recommended
  • For Less Than1 inch Castings
  • Excellent Air Release
  • UV Stable
  • Fast Cure/Low Build: 24 hr tack free time, 90 min pot life

Why Choose Super Sap?

  • Performance Grade:
  • Improved mechanical performance
  • Formulas catering a wide range of processes and applications
  • Reduced Environmental Impact
  • Significant reduction in CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Green chemistry eliminates harmful by-products
  • Reduced power and water consumption
  • Considerations for the Environment & User Safety
  • Agricultural land use
  • Reduced harmful by-products such as chlorinated hydrocarbons
  • Reduced power and water consumption during processing
  • Lowered sensitizing components for increased user safety


BRAND: Entropy Resins
Rate Of Cure: Fast
Type: Hardener
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