Epifanes Polyurethane Primer
Epifanes Epifanes Polyurethane Primer
  • Epifanes Polyurethane Primer

Epifanes Polyurethane Primer

Epifanes Polyurethane primer is a two component semi-gloss polyurethane that provides a smooth non-porous surface, and is followed by a final coat of high gloss poly-urethane paint.

Use as a filler primer on gelcoat, existing polyurethane, or epoxy paint systems above the waterline. It's fast drying, has good surface hiding and filling properties, and sands well.

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Epifanes Polyurethane Primer

  • 2 Part Urethane-based resin
  • Semi-gloss shine
  • Solids content of 52 vol.% (Mixture)
  • Recoat : min 6 hours - max. 72 hours at 68 F


Below Water Line (yes/no): No
BRAND: Epifanes
Number Of Parts: Two Part
Type: Topside Paint Primer
4.0 1

Epifanes Primer: Hard As Nails / A Bit Finicky to Use : )


Despite what others say, this is great hard primer that has good sanding characteristics and coverage. The only drawbacks are that it is finicky with weather (either direct sun or wind) ... and one has to use some trial and error to get the brushing liquid ratio correct for given conditions. I found that rolling only worked ... the primer didn't like to be tipped with a brush at all. Also, square foot coverage varies with the surface ... ie: prepped fiberglass surface was porous and took nearly double the amount recommended. 2nd coat of primer covered adequately to the stated coverage amount. Found that rolling on 34' sailboat hull vertically is not the same as the YouTube instructional videos that only show rolling & tipping on small tenders. The product rolled well vertically w/o having to roll horizontally - - - with given conditions be careful of drips and roll in easily managed "panels" less than 18" in width. Don't apply in direct sun. Do apply in conditions less than 70F or so.




Epifanes Polyurethane Primer



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