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Kong Tango Carabiner

The Kong Tango double action carabiner is a unique locking device that requires deliberate single hand grip to open. Simply depress the lever with your palm while gripping the carabiner and the gate is free to open.

When released, it locks the gate shut for security. Key Lock. Captive Eye. Lightweight, tough aluminum design perfect for harness applications.

Available in Black, Blue, and Red colors.

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Item Number  Color 
ASP-71500NNX2KK  Black 
ASP-71500BPX2KK  Blue 
ASP-71500RPX2KK  Red 

Kong Tango Double-Action Carabiner Specifications

  • Breaking load 33 kN Major Axis, 12 kN Minor Axis, 15 kN Gate Open
  • Weight: 123 g
  • Main Dimension: 136 mm
  • Greatest Rope Diameter: 23mm
  • Certification Approvals: EN 12275, EN 362/B


Metal: Aluminum
Type: Carabiner Hook
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