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Forespar MareLube TEF 45 Corrosion Blocker & Anti-Sieze

Forespar MareLube TEF 45 is a completely waterproof, synthetic grease containing 45 percent PTFE sub-micron powder. This lubricant will not wash away in fresh water, salt water, or detergents.

Designed specifically for high load and extreme pressure anti-corrosion, anti seize, and bi-metal barrier applications, this completely waterproof and chemical-resistant, synthetic grease prevents corrosion by adhering to and protecting metal surfaces. Marelube seals out water and lubricates under the most demanding conditions.

TEF 45 also acts as a barrier lubricant on all surfaces to prevent seizing or galling. Perfect for high-load/extreme pressure lubrication in a fresh or salt water environment, this highly adhesive waterproof synthetic grease lubricates and mechanically plates metal surfaces.

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MareLube TEF 45 Anti Corrosion & Anti Seize Compound

  • Superior corrosion barrier and anti-seize for screws, bolts and nuts.
  • Also use on turnbuckles, other rigging fittings, and electrical connections.
  • Aids in assembly and disassembly. Excellent for rebuilding and maintaining outboard lower units and
  • Operating temperature range 20 to 350F (7 to 177C)
  • A premium dielectric grease
  • Pure synthetic grease -Contains no petroleum


BRAND: Forespar
Type: Anti-Seize
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Forespar MareLube TEF 45 Corrosion Blocker & Anti-Sieze



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