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Forespar Liquid MareLube Valve & Equipment Lube

Forespar Liquid Marelube lubricates ball valve and seacocks. Instead of disassembling these plumbing systems, simply pour Marelube through the valve tailpipe or hose and operate the seacock or valve. It contains advanced PTFE technology designed to keep marine valve seals and balls lubricated and working smoothly.

Use at haul out or for valves and seacocks that are otherwise difficult to access and service. This truly biodegradable and bio-renewable lubricant is a blend of high quality biodegradable USA grown vegetable oils, treated with anti-oxidants, and PTFE micropowder. Liquid Marelube contains no chemicals listed in California Prop 65 or EPA hazardous materials list.

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Forespar Liquid MareLube Lubricant

  • Specifically designed for superior lubrication of Marelon, bronze or stainless valves.
  • Pour into drains or head systems to help lubricate valves when the boat is hauled.
  • Nontoxic lube that works equally well in fresh or salt water.
  • Long Lasting PTFE lubrication temp range -20F to 520F.
  • Non-Toxic and Readily Biodegradable.
  • NSF/USDA H-1
  • Acceptabile for use where incidental food or water contact may occur.


BRAND: Forespar
Type: Spray Lubricant
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