Lewmar EVO Self Tailing Winches
Lewmar Lewmar EVO Self Tailing Winches
  • Lewmar EVO Self Tailing Winches

Lewmar EVO Self Tailing Winches

Originating from the most successful line of winches ever, Lewmar EVO Winches feature a sleeker self-tailer drum with added grip, and can be easily maintained by the boat owner without the use of special tools.

The EVOlution model builds on the standard platform set by Lewmar's Ocean winch with new field tested innovations including new styling, sizes, and finishes as well as easier installation. The wave spring self-tailing design handles all line types, including thin modern lines.

Lewmar EVO winches come in black, grey, or chrome and even include an arrow so non-boaters know which way to load up the line. Long lasting, precision cut high quality alloys and metal allow Lewmar to extend a 7 year warranty.

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EVO Self Tailing Winch features:

  • Easy Servicing - No tools required
  • "FAST FIT" stud fixings
  • User friendly direction arrows
  • Choice of three finishes.
  • Convertible to electric
  • Available in Alloy Aluminum or Chrome Bronze drums


Mounting Instructions

See specific model for fastener size and mounting footprint. Lewmar recommends that the rope enters onto the drum at an angle of 5-10° to the base axis of the winch. To achieve this angle it may be necessary to use a base wedge when installing the winch.

Simple Servicing

No tools are required to service a Lewmar winch. Simply unscrew the top cap with your fingers to remove the needle peen drum and provide access to the centre stem. Lewmar winches are also easy to fit. Simply remove the needle peen drum for access to the deck fitting holes.

Electric winches

Whatever sailing you do, short handed or long distance cruising, the decision to install electric winches, or upgrade your existing winches with one of our conversion kits is simple.

Lewmars EVO winches are specifically engineered to offer sail trimming at the push of a button for more relaxed and comfortable sailing.

Multiple styles and finishes

EVO winches are available in black or grey alloy and chrome bronze for the cruising sailor. The range is available with single speed or two speed, manual winches and electric electric winches are available from size 40 through to 65.

Wave Spring jaw and stripper ring

The integrated investment cast stainless steel feeder arm completely covers the winch, and does not create a rope trap above our WaveSpring jaws.

Directional arrows allow fool proof loading of the winch, a very helpful feature if you are sailing with an inexperienced crew.

The stripper position can be adjusted to smoothly feed the rope out of the jaws and into the cockpit, while the proven stripper ring goes round the WaveSpring. Lewmars unique design ensures you cannot snag that loose rope cover, no matter how long you have been using your sheets.

Winch Size in Black or Gray alloy or Chrome Bronze  Gear Ratio 1st & 2nd  Power Ratio 1st & 2nd  SWL  Line Entry  Line Size 
15ST  2:1 (1st) n/a (2nd)  15.8:1 (1st) n/a (2nd)  1257 lb (570 kg)  2-5/16 in (58 mm)  (8-12mm) 
30ST  2:1 (1st) 4.2:1 (2nd)  13.8:1 (1st) 29.2:1 (2nd)  1510 lb (685 kg)  2-11/16 in (69 mm)  (8-12mm) 
40ST  1.9:1 (1st) 5.8:1 (2nd)  13.2:1 (1st) 40.2:1 (2nd)  1753 lb (795 kg)  3-1/8 in (79 mm)  (8-12mm) 
45ST  2.4:1 (1st) 7.6:1 (2nd)  13.9:1 (1st) 44.8:1 (2nd)  2646 lb (1200 kg)  3-5/16 in (84 mm)  (8-14mm) 
50ST  2.6:1 (1st) 9:1 (2nd)  13.9:1 (1st) 48.6:1 (2nd)  2756 lb (1250 kg)  3-3/8 in (86 mm)  (8-14mm) 
55ST  2.8:1 (1st) 11.2:1 (2nd)  13.8:1 (1st) 54:1 (2nd)  3263 lb (1480 kg)  4-1/2 in (115 mm)  (8-16mm) 
65ST  3.1:1 (1st) 14.8:1 (2nd)  13.4:1 (1st) 64:1 (2nd)  3748 lb (1700 kg)  4-13/16 in (121.5 mm)  (8-18mm) 
Winch Size in Black or Gray alloy or Chrome Bronze  Weight  Drum Diameter  Base Diameter  Height  Countersunk Mounting screws 
15ST  6.4lb alloy (8.6lb bronze)  2-9/16 in  4-3/4 in  4-11/16 in  5 (1/2") 
30ST  9.2 lb alloy (12.3lb bronze)  2-15/16 in  5-7/16 in  5-3/4 in  5 (1/2") 
40ST  10.7 lb alloy (14.3 lb bronze)  2-15/16 in  5-13/16 in  6-1/4 in  5 (1/2") 
45ST  15.8 lb alloy (21.3 lb bronze)  3-7/16 in  6-5/8 in  7 in  5 (5/16") 
50ST  19.4 lb alloy (26.7 lb bronze)  3-5/8 in  7-1/8 in  7-3/4 in  5 (5/16") 
55ST  26.4 lb alloy (37.5 lb bronze)  4-1/8 in  8-1/16 in  9-11/32 in  6 (5/16") 
65ST  36.5 lb alloy (52.4 lb bronze)  4-5/8 in  9-1/8 in  10 in  5 (3/8") 
BRAND: Lewmar
Type: Winches
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