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  • JD Select Ablative Antifoulant Bottompaint Gallon Size
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TotalBoat JD Select Ablative Bottom Paint

TotalBoat JD Select is a single-season, water-based ablative antifouling bottom paint that provides incredible results for a very low cost. It is low in VOCs and has no harsh fumes, making it ideal for marinas under environmental restrictions. It's also very easy to apply and cleans up easily with just soap and water.

JD Select can be brushed, rolled, or sprayed then burnished for a smooth, fuel-efficient finish. With the exception of VC17, JD Select can be applied over aged antifouling coats without fear of lifting.

Our most popular bottom paint! Available in Quart & Gallon sizes, in Black, Blue, Green and Red.

Buy a Gallon and receive a free roller & metal tray kit, paint suit, maroon abrasive pad, 1 roll of painter's masking tape, and two 10"wooden stir sticks.

Buy a Quart and get an abrasive pad, and 2 10" wooden stir sticks.

JD Select Black  
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IMPORTANT! The TotalBoat JD Select paint you receive will have one of two EPA numbers. All JD Select paints have the same effective formula, and similar colors, but depending on the EPA number, will use different thinners and solvents. Look on the can label to find the EPA number, then refer to the Technical Data Sheet at left that matches the number on your can. The data below is for cans with EPA number 60061-142-89049. If the EPA number on your can is 9339-19-89049, please refer to the Technical Data Sheet for that number.

Paint Survey Comments

We surveyed customers who painted their boats with JD Select because we wanted to compare our in-house test results with our customers' experiences. Overwhelmingly, customers said they would use it again and recommend this paint to a friend. Here are some actual survey comments:

  • "Application was odorless and easy, clean up as easy as possible."

  • "Easy application & great cleanup"

  • "I liked the easy clean up with water"

  • "I was amazed to see absolutely no growth on the bottom, and the paint held up wonderfully. It looks almost as good after a power wash as it did the day it went on!"

  • "Terrific value. I am very pleased with the performance. Thanks"

  • "There was a strong bloom of mussels that affected everyone, and I felt that the JD paint did as well as any. I think it is a great deal, and I love it being water-based."

  • "Ran out of old paint and used yours to finish keel & rudder. One coat only, covered with excellent results"

  • "The ease of application was excellent. the paint did not settle out in the can so I didn't have to spend any time stirring it ahead of time"

JD Select Features

  • Easy to apply - Can be applied over ablative or hard bottom paints.
  • Low-VOC, water-based paint. Cleans up easily with water.
  • Provides excellent single-season antifouling protection.
  • For use on properly prepared fiberglass, wood, steel, iron, and previously painted surfaces in good condition.
  • No harsh fumes makes it ideal for year-round, indoor application.
  • Can be burnished for a smoother, faster, more fuel-efficient surface.
  • Approved for salt and fresh water applications.
  • Coverage is approximately 500 sq. ft. per gallon


Thinning/Cleanup  Water 
Surface Prep Wipe - Bare Wood and Previously Painted Surfaces  TotalBoat Special Brushing Thinner 100 
Surface Prep Wipe - Bare Fiberglass  TotalBoat Dewaxer & Surface Prep 
Surface Prep Wipe - Bare Steel  TotalBoat Dewaxer & Surface Prep 
Primer - Fiberglass and Steel Only  TotalBoat TotalProtect Epoxy Barrier Coat Primer (do not use on aluminum) 
Technical Specifications   
Application Method  Brush, roll (we recommend a 3/16" nap or foam solvent-safe roller cover, or spray (airless or conventional).  
Application Temperature  50-90°F; 0-90% humidity 
Number of Coats  1-2 
Film Thickness per Coat  1.5 mils dry (3.75 mils wet) 
Dry Time to Overcoat  1.5 hours @ 90°F, 3 hours @ 70°F, 6 hours @ 50°F 
Dry Time to Launch  6 hours @ 90°F, 10 hours @ 70°F, 16 hours @ 50°F 
Recommended Roller  3/16'' nap or foam solvent-safe roller cover 
Finish  Flat 
Coverage  Approximately 500 sq. ft. per gallon 
Cuprous Oxide  25% 
Launch Window  There is no maximum dry time before launching 
BRAND: TotalBoat
Number Of Parts: One Part
Type: Copper AF Paint
4.4 124

very good


Went on very easy with easy clean up. covered well with two coats and have enough for next season... so far the bottom is still blue and not covered in slime


eastern NC


Decent price. Not ideal product


It was difficult to stir through chunks of petrified paint at the bottom of the can. Very time consuming but the price is right if you just want to touch up areas before launch.


Lake Erie




Been using this product for years. Great stuff and easy to use.


Transfer, Pa.


I highly recommend this product.


Its amazing anti fouling property coupled with sips and water clean up Make thi an outstanding product.


Westport, MA


Sexy bottom paint!


I'm pleased with the paint job. Looks great. Flat black finish is very forgiving- no brush or roller marks. Clean up with soap and water. Easy to work with. The suit was handy, lots of fine sanding dust During prep Gets everywhere. Kit includes everything you need. Tape, roller, tray, roller handle, suit.




I think I'll stick with Underdog


I am a long time user of Underdog, but I thought this time I would "upgrade" to Select. I don't know why, I always was happy with Underdog performance and application (one coat with great coverage).With Select, I found the application to have meager coverage, with TONS of air bubbles. Most of them seemed to settle out, but not all. Could be because while the can says that you must use a 3/16 nap roller, the supplied roller was 3/8 nap!! Wish I noticed this before I drove to the remote location of the boat and had to use what I had!I find Underdog to be a better performer at a better price.

Dave B

Burlington, VT


Outstanding product


I've used this bottom paint exclusively for the last 5 years. After an initial bottom job 5 years ago, it lasted until this season with minor touch ups. Great paint and value!


Akron, OH


Jamestown delivers


I was pleasantly surprised to find not only my paint order but also a pan, roller ( with an extra sleeve to boot) tape, stirrers AND a drop cloth included in the box. Nice job Jamestown!


Peekskill New York


Antifouling paint worked great.


My first order I made the mistake of ordering a quart instead of the gallon. Other than having to buy a quart twice for the same price as a gallon, paint was great. No problem sticking to the bottom of the boat. Very easy application

Massapequa Jeff

Massapequa Long Island


I would buy this product again


Product came very next day. I bottom painted the boat and it came out great. I foolishly ordered a quart the first time around instead of the gallon. I needed to order another quart to complete the job but that was my fault

The Jolly Rogers

Massapequa NY

TotalBoat JD Select Ablative Bottom Paint



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