MDR - E-Zorb for Water Removal in E-10 Gasoline
  • MDR - E-Zorb for Water Removal in E-10 Gasoline

MDR E-Zorb for Water Removal in E-10 Gasoline

MDR E-Zorb for Water Removal in E-10 Gasoline

Formulated to absorb water from E-10 gas with enthanol. The fuel additive Ethanol is gradually replacing MTBE to help reduce harmful emissions, but has an unfortunate side effect for boat owners. It has a greater ability to attract water that can damage or destroy engines and fuel tanks.

Even a small amount of water can reduce engine performance and promote rust & corrosion. New E-ZORB Water Remover from Marine Development and Research Corp. E-Zorb disperses and emulsifies water and ethanol back into the fuel, allowing both to burn efficiently and safely through the engine. Mixing one ounce of E-ZORB to 20 gallons of ethanol-enhanced gas or one pint (16 oz.) to 320 gallons will effectively prevent condensation from building up in your fuel tank.

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E-Zorb will fix problems of phase separation of water and Ethanol in the bottom of fuel tanks and replace it back into the fuel. Allowing it to pass through the finest fuel filters and safely burn through with the fuel. At the same time, the octane lost with the Ethanol that went to the bottom of the tank with the water will also be replaced back into the fuel.

E-Zorb, like all MDR fuel additives, contains no alcohol or methanol.

Any vented fuel tank containing E-10 gas that stands for longer than 30-45 days should be treated with the following winterizing procedures to maintain the integrity of the fuel.

1. Try to determine if there is any standing water/ethanol on the bottom of the tank. Check fuel filters, water/ separators, or use MDR Water Probe Indicator (MDR-566) if the tank can be dipped straight down.

2. If no water is indicated, E-Zorb should be added at the suggested ratio of 1 oz to 20 gallons of E-10 gas to compensate for condensation during storage. If an excessive amount of water is indicated it should be safely pumped out and discarded according to local hazardous waste disposal methods. Then add an equal amount of E-Zorb to the remaining phased out water/ethanol on the bottom and agitate fuel. When the fuel clears all remaining water/ethanol has been emulsified back into the fuel. Clear fuel can be determined by checking a fuel sample from the fuel filter or water separator after running the engine for a short time.

3. Now add MDR Gas Stor-N-Start to the tank at a ratio of 1 oz to 5 gallons of gas with enough Stor-N-Start to treat the tank when totally full. Immediately thereafter fill the tank with fresh E-10 gasoline, which should be enough to agitate the E-Zorb and Stor-N-Start, dispersing them throughout the tank. However, if the tank is already full or only needs a small amount of new E-10 gas, insert an air hose to the bottom of the tank allowing the air pressure to bubble the gas for 5-10 minutes. This should be sufficient to complete the agitation process. Then, after running the engine for 5-10 minutes to circulate the treated fuel throughout the fuel system and lastly fogging the engine, the entire system is winterized and ready for Spring.

Fuel: Gasoline
Type: Fuel Additives
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E-ZORB, I proved this product works!!


I have used E-Zorb for almost 4years in my boat with twin v8 inboards. I stopped using this product to save a few bucks..... Well I had problems with the boat lugging and not going over 12knts. I went back to the e-zorb with a stronger mixture at first then the normal ratio mix. The boat nows runs back to its normal 27knts.I will never go with out this again!


Waretown N.J. - Philadelphia P.A.


This Product Works


After having Fuel Problems with My Boat--One nightmare after another- all concerning water in the fuel.Motor quit on several occasions.After adding E-sorb as instructed on the lable Motor now runs great!No water found in the fuel filter-water seperator or the fuel filter at the motor.A product that works as advertised.These people are old school- they produce as promised!!!


Fleming Island Florida


Fixed my lawnmower problems


Like most folks I need to keep a few gallons of gas on hand for lawnmowers and other uses. The problem started when I was keeping the gas too long. The mower was hard to start and wouldn't run properly. Suspecting the E10 gas- I added this stuff exactly by the directions and lo and behold the engine started and ran better. At 4 bucks a gallon who can afford to waste it? Not me.


Dothan, AL


MDR E-Zorb for Water Removal in E-10 Gasoline



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