AB Inflatables Aluminum Hull Ultra Light RIBs
AB Inflatables AB Inflatables
  • AB Inflatables Aluminum Hull Ultra Light RIBs
  • Aluminum Hull Ultra Light RIBs
  • Ultra Light RIBs

AB Inflatables Aluminum Hull Ultra Light RIBs

The new Ultra Light series of rigid inflatable boats (RIBs) from AB feature a marine-grade aluminum hull combined with high quality Hypalon tubes.

The new unpainted 8, 9 and 10' models offer exceptional durability that means real value. The rugged 3.17-mm/0.25-thick aluminum hull and non-skid floor provides for a strong but light weight construction.

The Ultra Light series includes davit lifting rings (3), seat, bow carry handle, grab handles, oars, transom plate, rubber non-skid floor and handpump.

Every AB Inflatable boat is backed by a Ten-year limited warranty.

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Standard features include:

  • Davit lifting rings (3)
  • Seat
  • Bow carry handle
  • Grab handles
  • Oars
  • Transom plate
  • Rubber non-skid floor
  • Handpump


Model:  Ultra Light 8 UL  Ultra Light 9 UL  Ultra Light 10 UL 
Overall Length:  8' 4" / 2.55 m  9' 1" / 2.76 m  10' / 3.05 m 
Overall Beam:  4' 9" / 1.45 m  4' 11"/ 1.50 m  5' 5" / 1.71 m 
Person Capacity:  3 - 4  4 - 5 
Weight:  64 lbs / 29 kg  68 lbs / 31 kg  87 lbs / 40 kg 
Recommended HP:  4 hp / 3 kw  6 hp / 6 kw  8 hp / 6 kw 
Maximum HP:  6 hp / 4.5 kw  8 hp / 7.5 kw  10 hp / 7.5 kw 
Shaft Length:  15" / 38.1 cm  15" / 38.1 cm  15" / 38.1 cm 


AB inflatable tubes are constructed from a 5-ply Hypalon® fabric that is specifically manufactured to resist scratches and UV damage, while retaining its durability. This fabric is covered by a ten year limited warranty, the longest in the industry. AB seams are overlapped a full inch and reinforced by taping on the inside.

The rounded tube ends allow for extension of the rub rail around the tube to protect the stern, and their graceful lines are unmatched by other manufacturers. AB inflatable tubes boast a larger diameter that improves safety and seaworthiness, increases payload capabilities, and helps to ensure a dry, comfortable ride. Every AB tube features a minimum of three air chambers, divided by a special baffle system that equalizes the pressure in all chambers. This results in performance that is more balanced and stable.

Each AB model has tubes that are individually proportioned to compliment the hull dimensions. Precision design and craftsmanship means AB customers will always enjoy the greatest possible function and comfort.


All AB hulls are constructed from either double-molded, hand-laid fiberglass, or high quality, marine-grade aluminum. The unique forward hull design extends the hull further forward and increases the length of the keel, as well as the interior space. The elegant lines produced by this design are characteristic of all AB boats.

Our forward hull design creates a raised bow and deep "V" hull which enhance the performance of every AB model. The deep "V" hull allows AB boats to plane more easily with less horsepower, and cut through wakes and chop, virtually eliminating spray, for a smoother, more stable, and drier ride.

Inside the boat, this design extends our floors forward and creates a wider, longer bow. This results in a roomier, more comfortable craft with plenty of storage for gear and provisions. AB hulls are more costly to build, but the increased performance and comfort they provide are well worth it.

BRAND: AB Inflatables
Type: Rigid Inflatable Boats
4.0 2

Best dinghy per pound !


AB have a great reputation with cruisers. We found it to be a perfect tender for us. It works very well with a smaller motor, this combination reduces the weight on the davits. The light weight also makes it easier to load the boat on the foredeck when doing a passage. We use an underseat storage bag to hold all the odds and ends. AB also make these boats with a bow locker for a few dollars and pounds more if you think lockable storage is needed just spend a few more dollars.




Nice, but . . .


The 9-foot and the lightest of the AB inflatables has what I consider to be a serious drawback -- its lack of storage in the bow for an anchor, gas can, etc. The 10-foot aluminum AB has a storage and weighs only slightly more. The 9-foot forces one to leave the anchor and other essential dinghy items on the floor -- not something you might want in many ports such as Key West, etc. . . where there always seem to be needy folk prowling the waterfront.


Oriental, NC


AB Inflatables Aluminum Hull Ultra Light RIBs



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