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Kong Kong Anchor Swivels
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Kong Anchor Swivels

Kong anchor swivels feature a superior design with tested AISI 316 stainless steel construction and amazing ease of assembly. Swivel assures the anchor and rode lays fair with no binding in chain links.

Smooth body construction rolls easily over bow rollers. With a momentary pause, these connectors self-align anchor before retrieving shank up roller. Ferrule design allows perfect sliding of anchor without risk of damage. Available in 4 sizes, size to corresponding chain used in anchor rode. For anchors with fixed shank, a bow shackle (rounded design) may be needed to eliminate risk of damaging lateral torque.

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Anchor Swivel Part #  Fits Chain  L x W  L x W Pin Clearance  SWL  Weight (grams) 
ASP-644.08  6 mm/ 8mm (5/16")  93 x 28 mm  19 x 16 mm  850 Kgf  240 
ASP-644.10  8mm / 12mm (3/8")  117 x 36 mm  23 x 22 mm  2000 Kgf  550 
ASP-644.12  12mm / 14mm (7/16")  155 x 66 mm  30 x 35 mm  3000 Kgf  2350 
ASP-644.16  16mm / 20mm (5/8")  190 x 86 mm  42 x 43 mm  5000 Kgf  5000 

Thread-lock required for final assembly.

Many experienced JD cruising customers recommend using a bow shackle between the swivel and anchor to prevent damaging lateral stress on the anchor swivel itself.

When to use an anchor swivel:

  • Your chain leaves the boat and transitions to rope.

    • This means that the orientation of the chain has a 75% chance of not being maintained, especially if you are using an auto rope/chain gypsy and do not manually 'right' the chain upon its return. This means the anchor is likely to come up sideways or upside-down, and must right itself on the roller. Lacking a swivel, the chain will then twist and discourage the anchor's righting.

  • Your boat circles the anchor 360°s in the consistent direction with changing tide & shifting breeze.

    • Some tidal anchorages with unique conditions present cause boat to clock around anchors and moorings. In this case, you do not want the chain or rope twisting, as it could kink or eventually even begin to un-lay 3-strand ropes. Chain will only endure a few twists before bunching and hockling.
Metal: Stainless Steel 316
Type: Swivels
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I recomend this product


I am replacing a 10 year old identical Kong Anchor Swivel, for precaution..., because it is the most important piece when you use a lot your anchor.I recommend this product

Victor Larraguibel

Santiago, Chile


Kong Anchor Swivels



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