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Festool Domino XL Sipo Tenon Stock

Sipo tenons manufactured to precisely fit mortise slots produced by the Festool Domino XL DF 700 Joiner and provide rotation proof, solid wood joints.

Each tenon features glue expansion slots designed into their surface to maximize the strength of the final joint assembly. Sipo tenons are made from Brazilian Mahogany, making them ideal for outdoor applications and assemblies.

Domino XL Sipo Tenon Stock is provided in 750 mm (29-1/2") sections that are made to be cut-to-length prior to assembly.

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Sipo Tenons

  • Made from solid Brazilian Mahogany and will not break like composite biscuits
  • Rot resistant
  • Ideal for outdoor use
  • Glue expansion slots designed into the surface
  • Rotation proof
  • Designed not just for holding and stability, but also for precision alignment during assembly


Product #  Tenon Size (mm)  Tenon Size (inches)  Quantity 
FES-498690  8 x 22 x 750  .315" x .359" x 29-1/2"  36 ea 
FES-498691  10 x 24 x 750  .393" x .945" x 29-1/2"  28 ea 
FES-498692  12 x 26 x 750  472" x 1.023" x 29-1/2"  22 ea 
FES-498693  14 x 28 x 750  .551" x 1.102" x 29-1/2"  18 ea 

A mortise and tenon joint is considered to be the "best joint for wooden parts" by tradesmen. The new Domino XL joint is equal to or superior in all important criteria such as alignment, holding capacity, anti-distortion and protection.

BRAND: Festool
Type: Joiner
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