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Entropy Resins Pump Set

The Entropy Resins Pump Set is designed for Entropy 3 quart, 1.5 gallon, 3 gallon and 6 gallon resin kits. Entropy pump sets provide accurate metering and dispensing of both Part A (epoxy) and Part B (hardener) components of these resin systems.

Pumps dispense approximately 1 ounce of material per complete stroke and are specifically designed for use with 2:1 by volume mix ratio systems (High Bio-Based Laminating (ONE), Clear Laminating (CLR), Optically Brightened Laminating (BRT), Clear Casting (CCR), and Compression Molding (CPM) Epoxy Systems.

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BRAND: Entropy Resins
Type: Epoxy Pumps
4.5 2

Easy to Use


I used these to mix epoxy for a hollow wooden surfboard I built (a kit from Grain) and they made measuring the epoxy easy. I will say that I pumped the resin and hardener into a mixing cup with measurements on the side, and the measurements did not match the number of pumps. What I mean is if I did 2 pumps of resin and 1 pump of hardener, each pump is a fluid ounce so there should have been 3 fluid ounces in the mixing cup. I did 12 and 6, so there should have been 18 ounces in the cup, but the epoxy only came up to about 16 ounces on the cup's measurements. I went by the pumps, not the cup measurements and the epoxy seemed to cure just fine, although it did seem like it took longer than it should have to get "tacky" to do the hot coat after the lam coat (took about 2.5 hours when I expected it would take 1 to 1.5). I will also say that customer service was terrific. The first set of pumps I ordered were broken and they sent out a new set right away. Thank you!


McLean, VA


Accurate, simple pump system


It's an epoxy dispensing system, so, get ready.... I use it to dispense epoxy! Whoa. Seriously, the pumps work very well, and they do not seem to become air-bound when measuring out larger amounts, like many others do. Good product.


Long Island, NY


Entropy Resins Pump Set



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