Racor Gasoline Spin On Fuel Filter/Water Separator
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  • Racor Gasoline Spin On Fuel Filter/Water Separator
  • Racor Gasoline Spin On Fuel Filter/Water Separator

Racor Gasoline Spin On Fuel Filter/Water Separator

Racor Spin On fuel and water separators feature see-thru contaminant collection bowls with drain valve for outboards and metal bowls for inboard powered boats. Cleaner fuel meets stricter air quality standards including 33 CFR and USCG standards, and means your boat's engine runs stronger and more efficiently.
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See-Thru bowls can only be mounted below deck with Outboard Applications. If See-thru bowl is used with an I/O or inboard, the filter must be mounted above deck for USCG approval. Metal bowls can be used for inboard or outboard applications above or below decks.


  • Racor fuel separators can handle up to 120 gallons per hour. Choose from models 120, 320, and 660 and refer to chart below to determine appropriate application for your inboard or outboard motor
  • Racor filter/separators will not separate oil from gasoline in blended fuel mixtures
  • Includes: Fuel Filter/Water Separator with mounting head, Spin-On Element and See-thru Blue, or metal Bowl


Part Number  GPH  Port  Bowl  Filter Element 
RAC-120RRAC01  30  1/4-18  See-Thru  S3240 
RAC-320RRAC01  60  1/4-18  See-Thru  S3227 
RAC-320RRAC02  60  1/4-18  Metal  S3228UL 
RAC-660RRAC01  90  3/8-18  See-Thru  S3232 
RAC-660RRAC02  90  3/8-18  Metal  S3232UL 
BRAND: Racor
Fuel: Gasoline
Type: Fuel Filters
3.7 3

not suitable as suction side filter


Unit comes with a 10 micron filter and is not suitible for use as a suction side filter with electric fuel pumps and carburated systems. This application requires an 80 to 100 micron screen. Use of a 10 micron filter causes cavitation in the pump leading to premature failure of the pump.


Minneapolis, MN


A must for a healthy engine


Easy install, you'll need large washers for the mounting screws or bolts. While expensive, the visual bowl allows for frequent fuel checks. One incident of ethanol fuel separation will pay for this filter 20X or more. I've been there.


Stamford, CT


a great product for the fuel today


you do not have to be a mechanical genious to install this device. with the ethanol fuel today it helps to keep water out of outboard motor.




Racor Gasoline Spin On Fuel Filter/Water Separator



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