Chafe-Pro Removable Anti-Chafe Guards
Chafe-Pro Chafe-Pro
  • Chafe-Pro Removable Anti-Chafe Guards
  • Chafe-Pro chafe guard
  • prevent chafing and abrasion of dock and mooring lines

Chafe-Pro Removable Anti-Chafe Guards

Chafe-Pro removable anti-chafe guards are the superior solution to your dock and mooring line wear problems. Chafe-Pro is the easiest to install and quickest to remove anti-chafe gear available. No lacing, lashing, braiding or splicing is necessary. The sturdy nylon weave exterior is held in place on your lines with a rugged hook-and-loop fastener system.

Anti-chafe gear is of vital importance whether your boat is on a mooring or tied up at a dock. Unexpected weather can quickly cause exaggerated boat movement which can cause lines to suffer serious abrasion even when run through proper deck chocks. Protect your lines and save your boat from possible damage.

Sold in pairs.

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Originally designed for US Navy and Coast Guard, Chafe Pro was the first removable chafe-prevention product to be patented. It's hook and loop closure is industrial grade. Practical Sailor has rated it excellent and recommended it over homemade solutions like leather or fire hose.
Product #  Fits Line Size  Dimensions 
ChafePro-14  3/8" - 3/4"  5" x 14" 
ChafePro-16  3/8"- 1"  6" x 16" 
BRAND: Chafe-Pro
Type: Chafe Guards
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