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TotalBoat Thixo 2:1 Epoxy System

TotalBoat Thixo is a thickened epoxy adhesive that gives you the reliability and strength of a modern 2:1 epoxy system in an easy to use 185ml cartridge. This convenient point and shoot system is ideal for bonding wood, metal and fiberglass above or below the waterline.

Thixo cartridges fit standard caulking guns. Lay a bead of this non-sagging adhesive to vertical or overhead surfaces. TotalBoat Thixo cures to a hard, translucent surface that can be drilled, painted, or sanded. This no-mess, no-hassle versatile 2:1 epoxy system comes equipped with two free static mixing tips to ensure accurate mix ratio upon application every time. Ideal working temperatures range from 50-80 degrees F.

Cartridges are available individually and in packs of (6) cartridges. Additional mixing tips old separately. Note: For use in manual caulking guns only.

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Tech Spec Product Info User Generated Content
NOTE: 185 mL coverage is 15 linear feet at a 1/4 in. diameter bead.
Color  Buff  Visual 
Hardness, Shore D  80  ASTM D2240 
Tensile Strength (psi)  6,000  ASTM D638 
Tensile Modulus (psi)  325,000  ASTM D638 
Tensile Elongation (%)  8.5  ASTM D638 
HDT, Post Cured (F)  122  ASTM D648 
Compressive Strength, psi  9,000  ASTM D695 
Flexural Strength (psi)  10,500  ASTM D790 
Flexural Modulus (psi)  307,000  ASTM D790 
Tensile Adhesion, Wood (psi)  1,420  ASTM D4541 
Tensile Adhesion, Aluminum (psi)  1,840   ASTM D4541 
Tensile Adhesion, G-10 (psi)  2,090  ASTM D4541 
Resin Density at 77 F (lb/gal)  9.6  ASTM D1475 
Hardener Density at 77 F (lb/gal)  8.8  ASTM D1475 
Resin Color - Part A  Buff  Visual 
Hardener Color - Part B  Amber  Visual 
Thixotropic Index, 1/10 RPM  7.5   
Mix Ratio by Weight  100A:46B  Calculated 
Mix Ratio by Volume  2A:1B  Calculated 
Gel Time at 77 F, 150g mass (mins)  30-35  ASTM D2471 
Vertical Sag Resistance (in)  1-2  ASTM D2471 

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including bisphenol A, which is known to the State of California to cause female reproductive toxicity. For more information, go to

BRAND: TotalBoat
Material: Epoxy
Number Of Parts: Two Part
Type: Epoxy Adhesive
Usage: Bonding
4.6 126

This product has saved me money.


I have a older wood frame house and garage. The couple from whom we purchased the house were very old and had let the property go down hill a little. When I was repairing the garage siding, I noticed a lot of water damage to the sill plate. I dug out the damage wood and coated as best as I could with wood hardener. The next day, I filled the voids with Thixo. It took right much, but it was money well spent. It takes a while to cure, but the results are worth it. I have seen a comment or two about the viscosity and difficulty getting it out of the tube. I do have an 8:1 caulk dispenser, and I have absolutely no problem with flow.


Belmont, NC


Good product used for installing new bulkhead and floor


Easy to use and a nice working consistency. A little disappointed at the quantity but no waste and can cap and store unused in tube for later use. Really helpful they include spare mixing tip.


Beach Haven NJ


I would buy product again


What a bear to get out of the tube ..until the experts at J D suggested putting in hot water . Added boiling water in addition . Much easier to apply .Believe it will be a great product .

toe mater

North carolina


Super convenient, and good thickness...


I have been using this product a lot for various things....not just on the boat. The consistency is always the same and doesn't much easier than mixing your own epoxy with cabosil.I don't often use the mixing tips, but when I do it is hard to squeeze out using a normal caulk gun. Not sure if there is a MACK daddy caulk gun that gives extra leverage, but get one if you are going to use the tips. Sadly the tips are a throw away item, and you lose a bit of epoxy doing that.How I use it mostly is without the tip and mix the stuff in tray and spackle it on where I need it. for gluing parts together I mix equal parts on one side of the part, trowel lines using a 3/32" trowel teeth and then clamp the two pieces together....that gives me a consistent thickness of glue.


Sarasota, Fl


Solution to Mix an old batch.


This product is great, but it does not have a good shelf-life. SO, use it within a few months of purchase. I tried to use an old tube (probably over a year old), and the material had a lot of thick chunks in it, so it just jammed up the mixing nozzle. When the mixing tube jambs up, it becomes very difficult to squeeze out with the gun. Solution is to remove the mixing nozzle, squeeze out all the remaining product into a mixing cup, and mix it by hand with a mixing stick (both resin and hardener). Put the mixed batch into a small plastic bag, close it up, cut the bag tip, and squeeze out the mixed product from the tip of the plastic bag. Messy, but it's a way to save and use the remaining supply. Setup time is about an 45 min, so work quickly.


East Moriches, New York




This product works very well The only thing is that it is only a half tube


royalston ma


I love this product


Used as both to bond and fair oak replacement gunwale section. Outstanding bonding. Fairing requires quite a bit of sanding as I believe the filler is silca rather than micro balloons normally used when mixing up a fairing epoxy The convenience using a standard caulk gun to dispense is great. While there is some waste in due to the unmixed resin and harder left in the nozzle, I have found that there is also some waste when mixing using regular 2 part due to material being left in crevices of the whatever the epoxy is mixed in.Definitely recommend using a 13:1 or better caulk gun as this material is thick.


Coloma, MI


Not as convenient as I thought it would be.


Used to attach seats to wood strip canoe. Also It doesn't have nearly as much product as I thought it would have. Half the tube is hardener. Mixing my own resin and colloidal is much easier.


Smoky Mountains




Great product, wish there was more in the tube. Only about 1/2 full so had to buy more to complete the job.


Boston, MA

Awesome easy to use


Great product only waste is what's in the tip after intial use if not using the entire tube. Great seeing company making easy to use products.

Tony D



TotalBoat Thixo 2:1 Epoxy System



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