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TotalBoat Topside Primer

TotalBoat Topside Primer is a premium marine undercoat compatible with one-and two-part topside finishes. Intended for use above the waterline, it can be sprayed, rolled, or brushed prior to painting with polyurethane or enamel topside paints.

Use on wood, fiberglass, gelcoat, & over previously painted materials. This single-part, high-build primer requires only a single coat, dries quickly & sands easily. Thin with Totalboat Special Brushing Thinner 100 when brushing, and xylene when spraying. TotalBoat Topside Primer comes in White or Gray in Quarts and Gallons.

We recommend this primer with our TotalBoat Wet Edge Topside Paint, available in 21 brilliant colors.

IMPORTANT: Stir primer continuously for five minutes before use.

Bonus included with all purchases:2 Plastic 1 QT Paint Pots, 2 10" Wooden Stir Sticks, 1 Pair Large Latex Gloves.

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  • High-performance, one-part primer
  • Fast drying
  • Non-lifting
  • Lead and chromate free
  • Rust inhibitive

Thinning and Cleanup

  • Thinning (Brush/Roll Application): TotalBoat Special Brushing Thinner 100
  • Thinning (Spray Application): Xylene
  • Cleanup: TotalBoat Special Brushing Thinner 100, TotalBoat Dewaxer & Surface Prep, or xylene


Preparation & Application Tips

Preparation is the key to good-looking, long-lasting, results. A properly prepared surface is clean, solid and dry. Do not paint immediately after rain, during foggy weather or when the temperature is below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Use a foam roller or firm polyester brush for best results. If spraying, thin with xylene up to 15-20%. Avoid lap marks by not painting in direct sunlight and by coating sections of the surface either down or across hull to natural breaks, maintaining a wet edge.

If your edge begins to dry or you see that you missed a spot and the primer is already setting up, allow it to dry completely before touching up that area.

Do not lather on primer too thickly or you will compromise all flexible adhesion characteristics that make TotalBoat Primer one of the industry's leading one-part undercoats. Dry Film Thickness should be 1-2 mils.

Vehicle Type  Phenolic Modified Short Oil Alkyd 
Application Method  Brush, Roll or Spray 
Number of Coats  1-2 coats 
Dry Film Thickness (per coat)  1-2 mils 
Wet Film Thickness (per coat)  3 mils 
Application Temp  50-90°F 
Application Humidity  0-90 % 
Dry Time (to touch)  1 hour @ 50°F
30 mins @ 70°F
10 mins @ 90°F 
Dry Time (to overcoat)  4 hours @ 50°F
2 hours @ 70°F
1 hour @ 90°F 
Coverage  250-300 sq ft/gal 
Finish Sheen/Gloss  Flat (5-10°) 
VOC  < 358 grams/liter 
Flash Point  1° 
Solids (by weight)  61-64 % 
Solids (by volume)  42-45 % 
Below Water Line (yes/no): No
BRAND: TotalBoat
Number Of Parts: One Part
Rate Of Cure: Fast
Type: Topside Paint Primer
4.2 46

First time user


This was my first time refinishing a canoe. The primer filled small scratches and was easy to apply as directed.


Sisters, OR


Easy to use


I'm a first timer at this. Restored my 72 Boston Whaler 13' and just follow the instructions.I did 3 coats of primer and lightly sanded in-between each coat. Easy!


Nokesville VA


excellent paint


I used this full strength. It set up quickly and easily sanded smooth. I alternated between white and gray as I fared the hull. I mixed the final coat 50/50 with wet edge topside to give a little gloss to make sure absolutely smooth hull that was easily sanded. I am very pleases with the entire TotalBoat product line.


Jacksonville Florida




Primed topside prior to painting with Total Boat one-part epoxy. The short 1 1/2 hr drying time was great, as I could apply the initial coat of the epoxy the same day I prime.


Montgomery, AL


Goes on smoothly


I needed to paint the underside of the hard deck on my catamaran. I had been given a gallon of one part white polyurethane but needed to prime the surface before painting. I used a foam roller and all went smoothly. I have one coat of top coat and going for two. The proof will be time. I have used two part primer but this was a lot less nerve wracking.


SE Georgia


Good product


soooooooooo... ok this is not my first boat that I have ever painted. But I am not a pro. the total boat primer is not as easy to use as I was anticipating. I have had better luck with some of the other primers out there like the interlux primers. Now that being said I guess every product has a "learning curve". So here we go. First and foremost this stuff stinks take the proper precautions and wear a mask. I can't imagine the fumes are good for you. second and I think I will say this twice do not and I mean DO NOT use the red tree foam rollers they will make you want to drill a hole in the bottom of your boat and sink it right then and there. They break down and fall apart in about 2-3 min I learned this the hard way. I would reccomend a good 3/16th inch nap mohair roller. yes you are going to have stipple it is not going to go on perfect however you have to sand this anyways. that brings me to another point I read several reviews about this not being sanding friendly, I beg to differ this product sands out really well. the main reason I think that people have trouble with the sanding is that it does take a couple to three days to cure hard enough to actually be sand able. I found this out the hard way as well. my first attempt on my transom I waited 24 hours and it was not coming off well at all. still pretty soft. I sanded that all off and then waited three days on the next try. I wet sanded with 220 grit and wow what a difference that made, three days and wet sand. I will use this product again on the next boat I paint after you figure out the quirkiness of the product I think you have a great product in hand. so all in all I think this is a good primer I can't say much about how it holds up yet but maybe in a couple of years I will be able to add to this review. hope this helps people out there when working with this product


appleton WI


Excellent Product


I chose this primer because this boat is going to be stored outdoors year round. My aluminum boat has a wood transom and I wanted to protect it from rot. The primer worked great. Went on well and dried quickly. Once it was set, it bonded well to my transom. I covered it with Rustoleum marine paint and the transom turned out great. I don't anticipate having to repaint for many, many years.




Took days to dry


This primer took days to dry. After 24 hours in 90 degree Florida heat I tried to sand this primer and within seconds it gummed up the sandpaper and left scratches in the primer. I decided not to continue and allow it two more days to dry. After I allowed it to dry for days it didn't gum up the sandpaper and it sanded off really nice. Would I buy this product again? Yes, I just no I have to wait a couple of days before I'm able to sand. I would of liked to give this primer 5 stars but since it takes so long to dry I gave it 3 stars.




Great product, would buy it again


Good product, sprayed good, covered good and left a good hard finish.




good product-use as directed.


used over deck and topsides




TotalBoat Topside Primer



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