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TotalBoat Topside Primer

TotalBoat Topside Primer is a premium marine undercoat compatible with one-and two-part topside finishes. Intended for use above the waterline, it can be sprayed, rolled, or brushed prior to painting with polyurethane or enamel topside paints.

Use on wood, fiberglass, gelcoat, & over previously painted materials. This single-part, high-solids primer requires only a single coat, dries quickly & sands easily. Thin with TotalBoat Special Brushing Thinner 100 when brushing, and xylene when spraying. TotalBoat Topside Primer comes in White or Gray in Quarts and Gallons.

We recommend this primer with our TotalBoat Wet Edge Topside Paint, available in 21 brilliant colors.

IMPORTANT: Stir primer continuously for five minutes before use.

Bonus included with all purchases: 2 plastic 1 QT paint pots, and 2 10" wooden stir sticks.

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  • High-performance, one-part primer
  • Fast drying
  • Non-lifting
  • Lead and chromate free
  • Rust inhibitive

Thinning and Cleanup

  • Thinning (Brush/Roll Application): TotalBoat Special Brushing Thinner 100
  • Thinning (Spray Application): Xylene
  • Cleanup: TotalBoat Special Brushing Thinner 100, TotalBoat Dewaxer & Surface Prep, or xylene


Preparation & Application Tips

Preparation is the key to good-looking, long-lasting, results. A properly prepared surface is clean, solid and dry. Do not paint immediately after rain, during foggy weather or when the temperature is below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Use a foam roller or firm polyester brush for best results. If spraying, thin with xylene up to 15-20%. Avoid lap marks by not painting in direct sunlight and by coating sections of the surface either down or across hull to natural breaks, maintaining a wet edge.

If your edge begins to dry or you see that you missed a spot and the primer is already setting up, allow it to dry completely before touching up that area.

Do not lather on primer too thickly or you will compromise all flexible adhesion characteristics that make TotalBoat Primer one of the industry's leading one-part undercoats. Dry Film Thickness should be 1-2 mils.

Vehicle Type  Phenolic Modified Short Oil Alkyd 
Application Method  Brush, Roll or Spray 
Number of Coats  1-2 coats 
Dry Film Thickness (per coat)  1-2 mils 
Wet Film Thickness (per coat)  3 mils 
Application Temp  50-90°F 
Application Humidity  0-90 % 
Dry Time (to touch)  1 hour @ 50°F
30 mins @ 70°F
10 mins @ 90°F 
Dry Time (to overcoat)  4 hours @ 50°F
2 hours @ 70°F
1 hour @ 90°F 
Coverage  250-300 sq ft/gal 
Finish Sheen/Gloss  Flat (5-10°) 
VOC  < 358 grams/liter 
Flash Point  1° 
Solids (by weight)  61-64 % 
Solids (by volume)  42-45 % 
WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including titanium dioxide, ethylbenzene, silica crystalline, and cumene, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, and n-methylpyrrolidone, which is known to the State of California to cause developmental toxicity. For more information, go to

Below Water Line (yes/no): No
BRAND: TotalBoat
Number Of Parts: One Part
Rate Of Cure: Fast
Type: Topside Paint Primer
4.2 80

Great look and great value!


Doing a rebuilt on an old C-Hawk and this is what the doctor ordered. Great filler properties and base coat/foundation for this 30+ year old hull inside and out.


Phoebus Va.


I would buy again


Easy to work with and a great primer. Finished with the Topside 1 part and it all worked well.


La Crosse WI


I would definitely recommend this product


Great product






Perhaps thining the primer before rolling on would have helped, next time. I planned on spraying but it was too windy so I rolled it on. Had a hard time sanding after I rolled it on. Took about 1 hour per square foot to bring it down to a smooth surface. I also us d automotive primer in another area and was much easier to sand.


Austin, Texas




Perfect primer for our boat project. Jamestown Total Boat products are always the best! Never disappoint!


North Central Florida


I would buy this product again.


Very easy to use. Sprays easily via HVLP sprayer and drying time is really short.




i would buy this product again


Worked great. I sprayed it through my primer HVLP gun with a 1.8 tip. I thinned it 20% with Zylene. two coats gave good coverage. Topped it with Wet Edge.


Salem Ma


I would buy again


Worked great as a barrier coat and was think enough fill sand imperfections.




This primer didn't brush out well.


I was using TotalBoat Topside Primer on bare wood surfaces in my boat. The conditions at the time were overcast and low 60's F. The primer didn't brush out well even while trying to keep a wet edge. With hindsight, I probably should have thinned it.

Chris Craft restoration

Green Bay, Wi.

I would not buy this again...


Ok, hate to do this, but done lots of painting, tried this primer for a topside epoxy job I'm doing. There may be a good use for this but not for mine and if you are expecting a nice sandable primer that you can get nice and smooth, this is not it !!!! worst junk ever had to deal with in my life !! After giving it 30+ hours dry time @ 80 still sands terrible and balls up terrible. I talked to tech guys after waiting 6 hours(they say 1-4) and told let dry more, still junk to me..they said maybe to thick ?? did with foam roller in what I consider not to heavy. Super disappointed in this and have not finished dealing with it as of yet...


Fredericksburg, va


TotalBoat Topside Primer



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