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TotalBoat Marine Wood Finish

TotalBoat Marine Wood Finish is a protective wood treatment for teak and other wood above the waterline. This flexible, breathable finish provides exceptional weather protection. It's easier to apply and maintain than traditional varnish, with no sanding between coats necessary.

Marine Wood Finish penetrates deeply into the wood pores to create a rich, warm finish, enhancing the natural beauty of your boat's wood. A unique linseed oil and resin formula contains advanced UV inhibitors for greater protection, durability and longevity. Keep your woodwork looking beautiful with the least amount of maintenance necessary.

Goes on like a paint - looks like a varnish

Available in Teak, Satin, and Gloss finishes. Teak is suited for teak and other dark hardwoods. Gloss may be applied over Teak and Satin, but can also be used as a base coat.

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Preparation & Application Tips:

  • Use mineral spirits for solvent & cleanup.
  • Ensure surface is clean, dry, and free of dust oil and grease prior to varnishing.
  • Sanding is not necessary between coats if applied within 72 hours of each other.
  • For a seal coat with maximum penetration into wood, thin your first coat of TotalBoat Marine Wood Finish with 50% mineral spirits.
  • For best results, apply a minimum of two coats over the seal coat.
  • Additional coats may be applied for further depth and appearance.


  • (2) 2" Foam Brush
  • (2) Plastic Mixing Pots
  • (2) 10" Wooden Stir Sticks


WARNING: The Natural Teak and Satin products can expose you to chemicals including ethylbenzene and cumene, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, and n-methylpyrrolidone, which is known to the State of California to cause developmental toxicity. The Clear Gloss product can expose you to chemicals including ethylbenzene and cumene, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to

BRAND: TotalBoat
Number Of Parts: One Part
Type: Marine Wood Treatment
4.4 29



Just applied over the teak colored version. This product is awesome and infinitely easier to use than the varnish I have used for years. One must thin a good bit more than the directions or else it tends to stay gummy, but thin enough it is superb. Since eyebrows and handrails are a pain to varnish, will be using this in the future.




Great product


This finish applies easy and has very good coverage. My only complaint is that dry time is much longer than some of the Total Boat varnishes I have used but once it cures it leaves a beautiful finish.


Boylston, MA


I would not buy this product again


Purchased to finish grate for cockpit. Never really set up and dried and melted when it got hot




Great product


We varnished our grilling table made from acacia wood. It was a little bleached out in spots but this product gave it back some color and shine. The water beads right off of it now.




Love this finish!


I have always just oiled the teak on my boat as, I don't have the time that properly varnishing requires. I found this product from a Andy's youtube post on Totalboattoday. The application was quick and easy. Very happy with the end result and looking forward to see how it stand up throughout the summer.


Ipswich Ma.


This product exceeded my expectations.


I am using this product on a large wooden hand carved house address sign which has to withstand the rigors of severe winters and intense sunlight at 9,400 feet elevation. Time will tell, but I get the distinct impression that it is up to the task.


Silverton, CO


Worked where regular marine spar varnish failed!


We have refinished a table used for outdoor dining using every finish we knew of, including all kinds of UV protected marine types. Nothing ever worked in terms of the ability to stand up to constant sun and the elements. This product is as bright and strong as the day it was applied. No peeling. No color change. Terrific! Thanks Total Boat!

John Block



Good product for Mahogany too, but satin is not satin


I bought a quart of the Marine Wood Finish to seal and finish a weathered solid mahogany bench after a great deal of sanding prep. A couple of points for purchasers. As another reviewer pointed out this is not like a clear varnish or satin varnish. There is an orange yellow color out of the can. On very dark wood like end grain the yellowish tone shows up. On the reddish brown grain it did not. The can was labeled SATIN finish but after three coats: first two thinned with mineral spirits then a light sanding with 220 sandpaper and full strength final coat,the finish was very good and pretty deep, but if it were any glossier you could see your face in it. It also does a pretty good job of filling the open pores in Mahogany, but not as well as a pore sealer. But for an outdoor bench, the extra work and expense of filling pores was not necessary. That's a plus. The directions on the can are different than the directions on the website as far as thinning the initial coat. The label does not say mineral spirits is a suitable thinner - just says to use the Total Boat 100 proprietary thinner. I followed the web directions which said mineral spirits and that worked fine. Yes, I would recommend this product with the caveats above but NOT if you are looking for a satin finish.

Tim WW

Huntington, NY


Blue color dries, White is still wet 3 days.


Blue paint dries shortly after applied, White is still wet three days later.


Portland, ME


Excellent product


Used this on my sailboat, looks good goes on easy.


Franklin, NH


TotalBoat Marine Wood Finish



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