Cal-June Day Mark Signals
Cal-June Cal-June Daymarks
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Cal-June Day Mark Signals

Cal-June Day Mark signals feature heavy-duty, black vinyl coated nylon fabric supported by a collapsible galvanized frame. Each daymark is quickly folded to a compact, easy-to-store unit. They can be very quickly deployed and are rigid when displayed.

Choose from ball, cone, double cone, and cylindrical day markers to represent the appropriate signal for your vessel's status.

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Model  Day Mark Shape  Size (inches)  Application 
#1900  Ball  24" Diameter  Anchor Ball 
#1901  Cone  24" x 24"  Sailboat Underway using engine power with sails up 
#1902  Double Cone  24" x 48"  No powered, towed astern = or greater then 200 meters 
#1903  Cylinder  24" x 48"  Vessel Constrained by draft 

Refer to the applicable 72 COLREGS or U.S. Inland Water Rules for the specific day mark requirements of your vessel.

BRAND: Cal-June
Type: Emergency Signals
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