Racor T-Handle Vacuum Gauge Kit
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  • Racor T-Handle Vacuum Gauge Kit

Racor T-Handle Vacuum Gauge Kit

The Racor T-Handle Replacement Vacuum Gauge Kit includes a silicone dampened gauge 0-30 inHG, a lid fitting (9/16 inch--18 SAE threads), and O-ring.

This kit replaces the original 'T' handle.

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Racor Vacuum Gauges are designed to monitor element condition. By installing a vacuum gauge on the outlet side of the Racor filter, visual monitoring of element condition is possible at a glance.

As the filter element slowly becomes clogged with contaminants, the restriction increases. As the restriction increases and the fuel pump continues to draw fuel, less fuel is sent to the engine and air is pulled from the fuel causing de--gassing.

If restriction continues to increase and the element is not changed, the engine will eventually lose power and stall. At the first indication of decreased performance, note the dial reading or apply the red line decal provided with most kits. This will assist in knowing when to change the filter at the next interval.

Note: Intervals of element changeout may vary depending on fuel cleanliness. Always keep a spare Racor element on hand.

BRAND: Racor
Type: Fuel Accessories
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