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Racor Fuel Filter Funnels

Racor Fuel Filter Funnels feature rugged construction, a Teflon-coated stainless steel filter, electro-conductive plastic material, corrosion resistant and self cleaning function, for filtering fuels such as gasoline or diesel.

Racor Fuel Filter Funnels separate damaging water and contaminates from gasoline, diesel, heating oil, and kerosene. Racor Filters remove free water and solids down to .005 or .003 inch and allow visual inspection of the integrity of your fuel supply as you refuel.

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Part Number  Height  Gallons per minute  Tapered spout 
RAC-RFF1C  6 in  2.7  1 in - 1-1/2 in 
RAC-RFF8C  10 in  3/4 in - 1-1/2 in 
BRAND: Racor
Type: Fuel Filter Funnels
3.8 4

I like it


My marina doesn't have diesel so I bring in diesel in 5 gallon cans. It catches the water from condensation that always seems to be in the can even though they are clean and dry when I fill them.


Clarksville TN


Does NOT empty all the way


This filter/funnel does the job filling 5 gal jugs from my 50 gal bulk off-road deisel tank but does NOT empty complety. A design flaw but have used Racor filters for years and will just have to put up with this incomvience.


Ellabell, Ga


Simple, Effective, Amazing


A simple effective way to clean the fuel that you use in your small engines; such as lawn mowers, chainsaws, weedeaters and recreational vehicles. A little trash or water can cause big problems for your small engine. With this product you can filter those contaminants and ethenol out of your fuel. This is a pretty amazing filter.


Pinson TN


Simple, slow, protection


Hard to make assessment as the fue at my marina is pretty clean and dry. Simple first line of defense and reasonable cost.

The Skipper



Racor Fuel Filter Funnels



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