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3M VHB Acrylic Foam Tape

3M VHB Acrylic Foam Tape is white closed cell acrylic foam with high-strength, long-aging acrylic adhesive on both sides. Both sides have excellent immediate tack and VHB foam tape features the highest peel strengths available in a pressure sensitive system. Available in 25 mils and 45 mils with a treated paper liner. Primary applications are industrial assembly as an alternative to mechanical fasteners and liquid adhesives ie instead of welds, screws, or rivets. The totally unique acrylic foam adds a new dimension to conformability without increasing the thickness.
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Part Number  Product Number  Size  Thickness 
3M-18092  4950  1 in x 36 yds.  45 mills 
3M-18088  4930  1 in x 72 yds.  25 mills 
9 Unique Benefits VHBTM Tapes Have Over Other Attachment Solutions
1. Produces long-lasting strength
2. Absorbs shock
3. Distributes stress
4. Creates an invisible bond
5. Allows thinner, lighter materials
6. Eliminates pull-through, dimpling, rivet heads and weld distortions
7. Seals against the environment
8. Resists UV light
9. Reduces labor and material costs

To Apply Tape:

  • Clean substrate with an IPA/water mixture
  • Apply 15 psi at the bond line, either by hand or with a roller
  • Typically apply at 50-60 degrees F (10-26 deg C)
  • Instant tack at room temperature
  • At 20 min 50 percent bond strength
  • At 60 min 75 percent bond strength
  • At 24 hours 90 percent bond strength
  • At 3 days 100 percent bond strength

Type: Mounting Tapes
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