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3M PPS Paint Preparation System - Large Cup Lid and Liner

3M's large cup, lid, and liner kit 16024 for the 3M PPS paint preparation system contains 25 each large lids, filters, liners and sealing caps.
Cup offers graduated measurement to 28 oz/840 mL (with mix ratio film insert).
Max. capacity of 32 oz/950 mL (filled to within 1/8 inch of rim).
For use with part number 16023.
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Improve the efficiency of your paint gun with 3M PPS Paint Preparation System. These products eliminate the need for traditional mixing cups and filters. A disposable liner bag marries to a direct filter. These disposable parts are mounted on the spray gun by a cup and collar system and a dedicated adapter. Because the liner bag collapses, the spray gun will function at any angle. Liner bag and filter are disposable. That means easy cleanup and less harmful solvents. 3M PPS Paint Preparation System is therefore a cleaner, faster system, safe from outside contamination and offering considerable time and solvent savings on gun and parts


  • Closed system - no outside contamination
  • Up to 70% savings of cleaning solvent
  • Less operator exposure to solvents and reduction in VOCs
  • Only one 3M PPS cup for mixing and spraying
  • Less operator exposure to solvents and reduction in VOCs
  • Faster system - from mixing to disposal
  • Spray gun functions at any angle


Type: Paint Sprayers
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3 years of more efficient production


I am a professional artist in the field of fine custom high-end manufacturing and finishing.A little over 3 years ago I bought the 3M PPS system. After the first week the system became indispensable. In working up samples for a particular project, you can end up with dozens of formulations you have prepared and need several times during the process. It is so easy to set the liner aside with its lid and the caps provided in the kit, and it's ready tomorrow, or next week. I have cut solvent for clean-up by about 70 per cent. Your containers are as useful off of the gun as they are on the gun.My gun cleans up with a couple squirts into your extension, through the inverted head and it's ready to hang the next cup and spray.The fact that it is an airless system and can be inverted also means that I can mix heavier materials, flip it upside down and use it like a gravity gun.The built in filter in the lid saves me lots of time, money and waste.I can leave a hand piece on a sealer cup for days, it stays closed. All I have to do the next day is let the bag down by opening the trigger, shake, add air , purge and spray.The only trouble I have is opening the black ring after they get stuck in place.No matter how careful, lacquer thinner, paint or something gets down in there and opening them then can be a real process. If you could make and market a small flat short handle open end wrench to bite into the black ring. I would love to get one.Tommy Gioscia

Tommy G

Bonita Springs, Florida


3M PPS Paint Preparation System - Large Cup Lid and Liner



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