WSY-320 West System 320 Scale
WEST System West System
  • WSY-320 West System 320 Scale

WEST System 320 Scale

West System 320 Small Batch Epoxy Scale allows accurate measuring of as little as a few drops of resin and hardener for small projects, and can measure up to as much as 4 fluid ounces of product. It can be used to check the accuracy of dispensing pumps and calculate additive percentages.

Digital and pre-calibrated, the 0.1 to 150 gram scale comes with isolated batteries. A battery saving feature turns the scale off after 60 seconds of inactivity. The casing of the scale unit fits into a pocket.Easy instructions are permanently affixed to the scales protective lid. Recalibration instructions are provided.

2 AAA batteries are included in the package.

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Scale Starter Kit Includes:


  • 2 sealable dispensing bottles
  • 10 mixing sticks
  • 10 chenille pipe cleaners
  • 2 sizes of small plastic cups (10 each)


Type: Digital Scale
4.0 3

Improves mixing ratios


Makes measurements for small batches accurate and easy




Scale Kit


Scale should be available as a stand alone product. Anyone who works with West has already figured out how provide the other supplies w/o spending the dough West wants for acid brushes, syringes,mixing sticks/cups, etc. Scale does not survive well in the workplace. Mine has been attacked by either a small amount of Acetone or epoxy. Salvaged it, but it would be nice to have a little tougher unit to go along with the excellent West System.


middlebury, vt


Useful but could be more so...


Seems like they could have built the calculator into it for an extra buck or two, as it is you need to work with two instruments. Maybe it's just the one I got, but it sometimes seems to shut off (power saving feature) too early. This can ruin your batch unless you happen to remember the number displayed as it shuts down, then do some quick thinking to recover.Still, a decent kit for the money and saves getting (even more) goo all over my 30 year old lab balance. Takes up much less bench space too.


Los Altos, CA


WEST System 320 Scale



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