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Stanley FatMax Wood Chisels

Stanley's New FatMax Wood Chisels are designed and manufactured with improvements incorporated from the Stanley Professional Wood Chisel line they replace. The one-piece blades, ferrules and tangs are made from a ball bearing grade high carbon chrome steel. The blades are 100 percent through hardened and have a traditional shape.

The FatMax handles are overlaid with rubber in an ergonomical shape indexed to the cutting edge. The result is increased control, comfort and a more natural feel to the cutting edge. The shape with added thumb indent provides a secure grip whether using a hammer or just the hand. The longer handle is cast from an impact resistant cellulose acetate, adding control and safety. A large steel striking cap provides better handle durability against steel hammers.

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  • 7 sizes ranging from 1/4 inch to 2 inch width
  • Each chisel packaged with a blade guard which can be mounted to a wall
  • Chisel blades are precision ground and etched with blade size
  • 100 percent through-hardened blade allows better reshaping along the entire length
  • Blade length is 45% longer than comparable woodworking chisels
  • Sharp, factory ground cutting edges are exactly square to their length and ground to a 22.5° angle - ideal for all-around woodworking


BRAND: Stanley Tools
Type: Chisels
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