JD Composite Cloth Sampler
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JD Composite Cloth Sampler

The JD Composite Cloth Sampler was designed to ease the selection process by offering a chance to hold and inspect the many composite options that are available. The samples include a wide variety of materials, styles, weights and weaves.

We understand composite cloth can be quite expensive, so we strive to help you make the most informed decision and best purchase you can. Our knowledgeable Call Center Sales Associates are available to answer questions regarding fabric specifications and general usage as well.

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JD Guarantee; We will be glad to refund the price of the purchased sampler ($29.99) with any future purchase of $200 or more of any composite cloth. The only condition to this offer is that the purchase of the composite material must occur within 60 days of the purchase of the JD Composite Cloth Sampler.

JD Composite Cloth Sampler Swatches:

  • Unidirectional Fiberglass Cloth 50" Wide 13 oz (COM-JBMTG-13-U-50)
  • Plain Weave Fiberglass Cloth 38" Wide 6.0 oz (D200)
  • Plain Weave Fiberglass Cloth 38" Wide 38.5 oz (FIB-966)
  • Biaxial Fiberglass cloth +/-45° 50" Wide 12.54 oz (COM-202246)
  • Biaxial Fiberglass cloth +/-45° 50" Wide 18.14 oz (COM-202274)
  • Quadraxial Fiberglass Cloth 0, +/- 45, 90° 50" Wide 35.96 oz (COM-535132)
  • Dynel Fabric 54" Wide 5.0 oz (FIB-952)
  • Fiberglass Mat 38" Wide 2.0 oz (FIB-965)
  • Veil Mat 35" Wide (FIB-961)
  • 12k Unidirectional Carbon Fiber Cloth 12" Wide 9.4 oz (RPA-TC09U12)
  • Plain Weave Carbon Fiber Cloth 0, 90° 50" Wide 5.8 oz (RPCAR57)
  • 2x2 Twill Weave Carbon Fiber Cloth 50" Wide 5.8 oz (FIB-960)
  • Airtech Resinflow 60 Infusion Mesh (COM-526872)
  • 6k 5HS Satin Weave Carbon Fiber Cloth 50" Wide 11.1 oz (FIB-CAR370-6K-5HS)
  • 3k 2x2 Twill Weave Kevlar/Carbon Hybrid Cloth 50" Wide 7 oz (RPA-TN07T50)
  • Plain Weave Kevlar 38" Wide 5.0 oz (RPKEV)
  • 2x2 Twill Weave Barracuda Fabric Metallic Silver 50" Wide (COM-606412)
  • Release Fabric 60" Wide (FIB-RF60)
  • Airtech Airweave N4 Breather Fabric 60" Wide (FIB-BF60)


BRAND: Jamestown Distributors
Type: Fiberglass Cloth
5.0 1

Great for hands on inspection


This kit is well thought out and implimented.The samples are large enough to let you get a feel for it's capabilities.For the cloth that doesn't have any weave retention, tape was added to the edges.For someone new to fiberglassing this kit is almost a must!

Bob Barker

Manas A.B., Kyrgyzstan


JD Composite Cloth Sampler



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