Pettit Easypoxy Satin Paint Additive
Pettit Z-Spar Pettit Z-Spar
  • Pettit Easypoxy Satin Paint Additive

Pettit Easypoxy Satin Paint Additive

Pettit 9080 Easypoxy Satin Additive produces a semi-gloss to semi-flat finish when blended with any color Pettit Easypoxy paint. The semi-gloss to semi-flat finish is often desired for non-glare deck surfaces and interiors.

There is no set ratio of Satin Additive to paint; the more additive you add, the flatter the resulting finish will be. As a starting point, mixing half of a pint of Satin Additive into a quart of Easypoxy color will produce an effect similar to Pettit's standard semi-gloss white.

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      Additive Blending Instructions

Thoroughly stir, or mechanically shake, the Satin Additive to be sure the flatting agent is not settled at the bottom. Slowly pour the desired amount of additive to the paint, while continuously stirring to ensure blending is thorough. During paint application, stir the paint occasionally to prevent the Satin Additive from setting.

NOTE: Generally, high gloss finishes are more resistant to weathering than are semi-gloss paint will be subjected to harsh sunlight and salt spray.

BRAND: Pettit Z-Spar
Type: Additives
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Key word is easy


This aditive mixed easily with the easypoxy high gloss paint. The directions were easy to follow to give a "satin finish" that flowed out well. Pettit products continue to be my preferance for quality.




Pettit Easypoxy Satin Paint Additive



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