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Festool Domino Beech Tenons

The Festool Domino Tenons are better than biscuits and dowels. The Domino System consists of the Domino Joiner and pre-fabricated, solid Beech, Domino Tenons. Each Domino has a separate color code which matches the corresponding Domino Cutter. Beech Tenons are designed for indoor applications. Sipo Tenons are now available for outdoor applications.
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Domino Tenons:

  • Incorporate a large gluing surface that ensures high adhesion and stability
  • Have glue pockets that hold the glue and expand during set up for maximum holding strength
  • Made from solid beech wood, and will not break like composite biscuits
  • Designed not just for holding and stability, but for precision alignment during assembly - dowels rotate in hole
  • Combine the advantages of biscuits and dowels without the disadvantages associated with either - stronger, faster and more precise.
  • Up to six times more solid than round dowels or biscuits.

A mortise and tenon joint is considered to be the "best joint for wooden parts" by tradesmen. The new Domino joint is equal to or superior in all important criteria such as alignment, holding capacity, anti-distortion protection, etc.

BRAND: Festool
Material: Beechwood
Type: Joiner Accessories
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furniture and cabinetry made easy.


This tool is an answered prayer. The same performance characteristics as mortise and tenon, with the production capability required in today's competitive marketplace. Used properly the positive alignment of furniture/cabinet parts is a cinch. My only recommendation for improvement is the critical depth lock. My first attempt at face frames was a disaster due to slippage of the depth plate. The lock lever, plastic, has the life expectancy of a deer on mountain highway at night. To adjust I removed the plastic lever and tightened with a wrench. Replacing the decorative lever afterwards. I was momentarily disappointed but the tool has since redeemed itself. There is always a learning curve for both manafacturer and user alike.

Skippy the Preppy Carpentter



Festool Domino Beech Tenons



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