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Festool Domino Cross Stop

The Festool Domino Cross Stop is an essential accessory for the Domino Joiner. The Domino Cross Stop allows for automated repeat mortise spacing between 3-7/8" and 8-1/16" (100 and 205 mm).
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The Domino Joiner has a carbide tipped, spiral mortise cutter that rotates and oscillates, a patented technique unique to Festool. After the mortises have been cut, the Festool Domino Tenon is glued and inserted.

A mortise and tenon joint is considered to be the "best joint for wooden parts" by tradesmen. The new Domino joint is equal of superior in all important criteria such as alignment, holding capacity, anti-distortion protection, etc.

BRAND: Festool
Type: Joiner
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