Pettit Seamate Antifouling Boat Bottom Paint
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  • Pettit Seamate Antifouling Boat Bottom Paint

Pettit Seamate Antifouling Paint

Pettit Seamate is the ablative paint choice for slow moving vessels that remain in colder water on a seasonal basis. Seamate is designed with free leaching and easy chalking properties, translating to excellent yet economical protection. Originally designed for wooden hulls, this paint has proven compatibility with all hull types, with the exception being aluminum.

If your vessel is hauled on a seasonal basis, the leaching and washing away properties of these paints mean buildup from year to year will be very slight and the surface can be easily cleaned.

Seamate has a relatively quick drying time and cures to an eggshell finish. It is suitable for use in fresh or salt water.

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  • Good yet economical seasonal protection.
  • Effective in cool fresh and saltwater where modest fouling prevails.
  • Little or no paint build-up from year to year.
  • May be applied over most aged hard antifouling coatings.
  • Old soft antifouling paints must be completely removed before applying new paint.
  • Old tin copolymer paints must be removed completely or sealed with Pettit 6627 Tie Coat Primer before applying Seamate.


Seamate contains cuprous oxide. As a result of this there is a tendency for settling to occur, especially if the paint has been on the shelf for several months. It is necessary to thoroughly mix the paint before using. If possible shake the can of paint on a mechanical shaker.

Before using, check the sides and bottom of the can to make sure all the pigment has been mixed in. If mixing is going to be done with a wooden paddle or an electric drill mixer, pour off half of the liquid from the top of the can into another can and then properly mix in any settled pigment; then remix the two parts together thoroughly.

Adhere to all application instructions, precautions, conditions and limitations to obtain optimum performance. Refer to individual labels and tech sheets for detailed instructions when using associated products, etc. Do not thin Seamate more than 10 percent (12 ounces per gallon) or inadequate paint film thickness will occur and premature erosion of the finish will be likely.

Coating performance, in general, is proportional to the degree of surface preparation. Follow recommendations carefully, avoiding shortcuts. Inadequate preparation of surfaces will virtually assure inadequate coating performance.

No antifouling paint can be effective under all conditions of exposure. Man made pollution and natural occurrences can adversely affect antifouling paint performance. Extreme hot and cold water temperatures, silt, dirt, oil, brackish water and even electrolysis can ruin an antifouling paint. Therefore, we strongly suggest that the bottom of the boat be checked regularly to make sure it is clean and that no growth is occurring.

Lightly scrub the bottom with a soft brush to remove anything from the antifouling paint surface. Scrubbing is particularly important with boats that are idle for extended periods of time. The coating is most effective when the boat is used periodically.

BRAND: Pettit Z-Spar
Number Of Parts: One Part
Type: Copper AF Paint
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Great value!


The paint is a good value for the price. I was pleased to see how well it kept the bottom clean and any barnacles that did attach were easily removed. Paint goes on easy with roller or brush and seems to be the right consistency so that you don't need thinning.


Port Republic, NJ


Pettit Seamate Antifouling Paint



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