Pettit Paste Wood Filler Stains
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Pettit Paste Wood Filler Stains

Pettit Paste Wood Filler Stains are used to fill and permanently stain porous, grainy wood. As a base coat, Filler stain reduces the number of varnish coats required to achieve a smooth finish. The wood should be completely bare, and any black water stains bleached out. The darker the paste wood filler stain, the more even the final appearance will be on varicolored woods. The fillers can be intermixed and shaded with color in oil or universal colorants to achieve custom colors. Pettit offers these colors in Standard Mahogany (1095), Red Mahogany (1081), and Dark Mahogany (7665). (Note- Light Mahogany 7660 is no longer available from Pettit.)
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Mix the filler at a ratio of two volumes filler to one volume of Pettit 120/T-10 Brushing Thinner. Apply to wood by brushing into the wood grain. When the filler mixture begins to dull off (approximately five minutes), rub off the excess in a circular motion with a burlap or cloth pad. Do not change the pad in this operation. As the pad fills with excess filler, the filler is forced into the grain. When the excess filler has been removed in this operation, wipe the wood with a clean rag in a circular motion to completely remove any residual filler on the surface. Try not to wipe in the same direction as the grain because this action will tend to strip the filler out of the grain. This wiping pad surface should be changed frequently to quickly absorb the excess filler. On very rough, porous wood, a wash coat of sealer can be applied before filling. Reduce one volume of 2018 Clear Sealer with four volumes of 120 Brushing Thinner. Brush on and let dry overnight. Then apply the Paste Wood Filler.

COVERAGE:   200 square feet per gallon 
DRY TO RECOAT:   Overnight 
APPLICATION TEMPERATURE:   50 degrees F or higher 
THINNER:   Pettit 120 Brushing Thinner 
Below Water Line (yes/no): No
BRAND: Pettit Z-Spar
Type: Wood Filler Stains
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