Interlux Fiberglass Surface Prep YMA601 for removing wax and mold release agents from gelcoat before painting
Interlux Interlux
  • Interlux Fiberglass Surface Prep YMA601 for removing wax and mold release agents from gelcoat before painting

Interlux Fiberglass Surface Prep (YMA601)

Interlux Fiberglass Surface Prep is the first step in a 2 step system for removing mold release agents (wax) from gelcoat prior to application of antifouling boat bottom paint. It is also great at removing contamination, amine blush and cleaning previously painted surfaces before repainting. A pigmented formula acts as a guide during the cleaning process. The new low V.O.C. formula is safer and more environmentally friendly.
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Fiberglass Surface Prep is a mold release agent and wax remover, which precludes the need for sanding bare fiberglass when used with Fiberglass No Sand Primer.

The abrasive properties of the Fiberglass Surface Prep thoroughly cleans the gelcoat and provides key for Fiberglass No Sand Primer.

The use of Fiberglass Surface Prep to remove these contaminants is extremely important if the full adhesive qualities of Fiberglass No Sand Primer are to be realized.

Fiberglass Surface Prep can also be used to remove Amine Blush from clear epoxy and clean previously painted surfaces when prepping to repaint.

Fiberglass Surface Prep applies easily with a Scotch-Brite pad. Rinse with fresh water or wipe clean to remove.

WARNING: Cancer -

BRAND: Interlux
Type: Wax and Grease Remover
3.7 3

Works, is easy, and relatively clean.


Fiberglass canoe restoration. The interior was bare fiberglass, probably with polyester resin, with previous house paint stripped off. The FSP was used just before automotive urethane. Toxicity was low, akin to TCP. It appears to have pumice in it and a mild sudsing action. I used the red Scotch-brite but didn't have to rub very hard. After rinsing there were no bead areas so it appeared to work. Also, the urethane appears to have adhered well.

Restoration Transportation

San Diego, CA


Strange stuff


Not what I expected. Messy and thick, like brown soft scrub



Easy to remove wax and amine blush


YMA601 is the best product I have found for removing mold wax from gelcoat before applying bottom paint. On a new boat the wax is there even if you can't see it. Fiberglass Surface Prep when scrubbed with a scotchbrite pad skuffs up the gelcoat a little helping the paint to stick better.




Interlux Fiberglass Surface Prep (YMA601)



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