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Pettit BioBlast Paint Remover

Pettit Bio-Blast Bottom Paint Remover 9051 is a low odor, biodegradable paint remover engineered to replace toxic chemical strippers. Originally intended for stripping marine antifouling paint, Bio Blast is also an effective stripper for removing varnishes, lacquers and marine enamels.

BioBlast will remove paint from gelcoat, wood, steel, aluminum and ferrocement and may be used on most surfaces; however, some plastic and rubber surfaces may be adversely affected. Do a small test area prior to full application. Additionally, zinc and copper bearing metals may be damaged by Bio-Blast Bottom Paint Remover 9051. Bio-Blast will not raise the grain when used on wood surfaces.

Bio-Blast Bottom Paint Remover 9051 works effectively on all kinds of antifouling paint. When applying remover, use generous amounts and allow it enough time to work.

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Remove all marine growth by power washing. Apply a thick coat of Bio-Blast Bottom Paint Remover 9051 to a 10 to 15 foot section of the surface using a long handled bristle brush. Let set 30 minutes then use a scraper to remove the antifouling paint. Apply a second coat if necessary. Can also be applied using an airless sprayer with a ½ hp or greater pump and a .017 - .023 inch spray tip. When removing multiple layers (5 or more) a second application may be necessary. Contain the paint for disposal. Once the paint has been removed wash the surface with Pettit 95 Fiberglass Dewaxer to thoroughly remove all old paint and residues. NOTE: Some fillers used to repair dents, etc., may be softened at the surface and will require minor repairs. On porous substrates, such as wood or ferrocement, allow a minimum of 12 hours drying time before application of new paint.
BRAND: Pettit Z-Spar
Type: Paint Strippers
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