Magma Gas Grill/Stove Combination barbecue boat grill
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  • Magma Gas Grill/Stove Combination barbecue boat grill

Magma Gas Grill/Stove Combination

Magma Marine Kettle 2 Gas Grill is an onboard kettle cooker in a virtually windproof design, making it perfect for cooking on boats (designed for exposed cockpit). Smart design maximizes space, combines grill, burner, and oven into one unit. Replaces the need for a traditional galley stove. The perfect solution where space is limited but appetites are large.

High grade quality construction endures salt spray environment and beating sun of marine elements cockpit. The burner design adds years of life to the grill by directing more heat to the cooking surface. Full, double lined inner safety shells keep the outside of the grill cooler while the lid incorporates a stainless Stay Cool handle.

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A mirror polished, 18-9 marine-grade stainless exterior finish provides superior corrosion resistance. A balanced hinged lid prevents slamming as the boat rolls. A new cast stainless indexing bracket and clamp provide easier, more positive level mounting. It uses standard, disposable, 1 pound propane canisters or will easily adapt to the boats existing onboard LPG (propane) or CNG (natural gas) system. The newly designed valve system adjusts left, right, inboard or outboard for easy heat control access and fuel-bottle change. Mounts and fuel canisters sold separately. See table below for mounting options.

Available in 2 sizes:

  • standard size (14.5" diameter)
  • party size (17" diameter)
  • Mounts and fuel required, purchased separately.

    Select the custom fit mount based on your boat, porch or RV needs.
    Magma grills accept disposable propane cylinders. For permanent onboard LPG (propane) systems, valve A10-220 required. Tap into existing propane systems with Conversion kit A10225. Mount directly to tank with LPG Single Stage Regulator TRC-12001411. Propane detector and solenoid recommended per ABYC for below deck propane systems (COV-S2A).

    Mounting Options  Magma Mount SKU 
    Magma Round Rail Grill Mount  A10-080, A10-085 
    Side or Square/Flat Rail Grill Mounting Bracket  A10-240 
    Grille Deck Socket Mounting Bracket  A10-120 
    On Shore Stand  A10-650 
    Rod Holder Mounting Bracket  A10-175 
    Kettle Grill Mounting Extension  A10-140 


    • Improved anti-blow-out design with turbo venturi fuel delivery
    • Easily access controls with Swiveling Control Valve. Swivels for easy reach cylinder change-out
    • Dual Hinged lid rotates open to form vertical wind shield. Balanced to prevent slamming. Secured against dropping overboard.
    • Reduced flare up & even heat distribution extend grill life. Smart heat distribution design thorugh engineered burner, radiant plate and dome.
    • Engineered heat distribution works as grill, stove or oven for whatever's on the menu
    • Even heat grilling prevents charring
    • Controlled direct open flame also cooks as a stove.
    • Cast 18-9 stainless L-bracket mount clamp as attachment point for range of custom mounts.
    • Patented convection cooking design = Max efficiency. Hottest temperature with the least amount of fuel
    • Dependable first try lighting with a Piezo Igniter
    • Full double lined inner shell keeps exterior cooler and prevents heat discoloration.
    • "Stay Cool" handle with air cooled supports.


    BRAND: Magma Products
    Type: Grills and Grill Accessories
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    On the hard, nice easy cooker for 2 to 4 people. Easily relocated to boat or other locations with additional mounting hardware.


    San Carlos, Mexico


    Very nice design.


    Very attractive design. Works well on base for our new pontoon boat. Very portable and sturdy!


    Brainerd MN.


    Where is the Sale Price?


    This does not look like any advertised sale, price seems to be the same all over the web.

    Mr. Grill



    Magma Gas Grill/Stove Combination



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